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Security convergence solutions for data center protection

Cyber and Physical Security 
Solutions to Manage Physical 
access to Data Centers

In a world increasingly reliant on information, data centers have become the operational nerve center of the enterprise. Managing physical and logical access to data centers both is key to delivering enhanced security.

Data center security solutions from Alert Enterprise manage all categories of identities including employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors. With Alert Enterprise, global enterprises can apply a standard set of security policies across all their data centers making sure that all data is safe and company-wide operational integrity is maintained.

Seamless integration with HR Systems and Contractor Databases supports automated security policies requiring employees and contractors to submit access requests in advance and complete required training via Learning Management Systems. Contractors can enroll their staff ahead of time for pre-approval allowing the enterprise to enforce strict no drop-in or no-ad-hoc approval policies.

Visitor Management software pre-integrated with Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) extends the same level of protection for visitors, enforcing request approval before granting access through the enterprise-class workflow engine.

computer showing visitor dashboard


  • Enable self-service request submission and enrollment for contractors, vendors and visitors
  • Enhance security by tracking all access requests and approvals in a centralized system
  • Provide automated policy enforcement for training and certification by integrating directly with Learning Management Systems
  • Track employee, contractor, vendor, and visitor access requests and automatically apply roles-based security policies
  • Pre-integrated with Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to provision temporary access cards or badges with preassigned expiration dates with the ability to track locations accessed within the datacenter

The Alert Enterprise Data Center Visitor / Contractor Management Solution’s browser-based interface enables convenient pre-visit enrollment and approval. Employee, contractor, vendor and visitor identities are automatically tracked against rules-based policies ensuring that only approved individuals are given access to the most critical infrastructure assets and areas within the enterprise. Automatic logging, time-stamping and approval flows can be accessed later for audit and compliance purposes.

Alert Enterprise Visitor Management Kiosk software with facial recognition technology delivers frictionless security to organizations that are looking to improve security and enhance customer experience with a powerful first impression at check-in. The new facial recognition feature provides fast and accurate on-site identity verification and makes it easy for an organization to add facial image analysis to the check-in process for employees, visitors, contractors, and guests arriving on-site.