Want to extract more value from your security posture? Let’s dig in

The services you provide in the mining and metals industry are critical – and you need to keep them secure against evolving cyber-physical threats-without locking everyone out.

Don’t let your organization become a gold mine for attackers.

You’re up against some tough challenges. Consider the following:

  • Gartner named the push for closing security siloes as one of the top 9 security trends last year due to an uptick in incidents, threats and vulnerability disclosures outside of traditional enterprise IT systems.


  • The rise of intelligent mining, or the integration of robotics, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into mine sites and processing plants, has created more complex cyber-physical systems with a higher number of threat vectors and potential gaps.


  • Mining organizations like yours must constantly defend against the theft of high-value, precious minerals, sabotage attempts by political activists, insider threats from blocklisted contractors, intrusions by armed militia and more.
  • New regulations and company policies require stricter governance and event logging for all digital and physical workplace access- as well as the ability to conduct contact tracing and safely store sensitive information like vaccination records.


  • Compliance can cramp your style. According to theEY Global Information Security Survey 2020, only 7% of organizations would describe cybersecurity as enabling innovation; most chose terms such as “compliance-driven”and “risk averse.
  • M&A transactions can create a complex web of disparate access control systems that heighten both security risks and cultural barriers to adopting new technologies.
  • There’s still enormous uncovered value in these systems – but how do you connect them to capture it?

What if strengthening your security posture also meant unlocking doors for your company’s productivity and financial results?

Enter cyber-physical solutions from Alert Enterprise.We can help you automate physical and digital workplace access while creating one source of truth to prevent, detect and mitigate risk. Simply put, we help you open doors to...

  • Bring together the existing systems that govern HR, physical security and IT for increased collaboration and fewer systemic vulnerabilities.


  • Clarify discrepancies between physical and digital workforce identities.


  • Create one consolidated view of workforce identities, threat detection and access-related data to more easily identify root cause when there’san issue.
  • Automate employee access to digital and physical workspaces according to regulations and company policy – from hire to retire.


  • Accelerate and streamline onboarding and offboarding for all employees (including contractors).


  • Empower employees with self-attestation solutions to reduce troubleshooting burden on physical security and IT.


  • Enhance your company’s digital transformation with real-time connection to SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite and integration with SAP Fieldglass.



  • Don’t pay for brand new systems – leverage your existing ones to create a single source of truth for your threat detection and response policies.
  • Save on invoices by precisely tracking when contractors enter and exit field sites.


  • Digitize safety procedures and automate visitor authentication for added efficiency.


  • Leverage video camera monitoring and automated gate access to cut down on 24/hr staffing costs.

Start today with Alert Enterprise.

We recently helped create a holistic approach to connect security services, procurement, supply chain, HR, IT, OT, Transformation and ETS to create a centralized identity access governance system for a global mining company – and we can do the same for your organization. Are you ready to increase productivity, financial results and cyber-physical security using your existing system? Contact us today to learn more.