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Looking for a new Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM) or Visitor Management provider that’s here to stay? Make the switch to a highly configurable and cost-effective cloud-based solution, powered by the latest advancements in mobile and AI. With AlertEnterprise, you get a full-featured experience that begins right out of the box. Whether you start off small or go all-in, you can add on as your needs evolve.

A little louder for those in the back: No coding or customization required!

We don't just work outside the box. We think outside it, too.

The next-gen SOC just went next-level.

Level up your security with Alert Enterprise’s award-winning Guardian SOC Insights & Response, now enhanced with the latest in asset intelligence and a sleek new mobile UI for dynamic field operations. Guardian SOC Insights & Response integrates the latest in generative AI, including our AI Security Chatbot where stronger security is just a question away. Enhanced with the latest generative AI Large Language Models (LLMs), our AI Security Chatbot now offers more intuitive interactions from a PC or our new mobile-centric UI. Type or ask any security-related question and get instant responses. It’s security insights made simpler and faster.

Turn their phone into an employee badge.

Replace those bulky and costly plastic badges with a digital alternative from Alert Enterprise, accessible in Apple, Google and Samsung Wallet and fully integrated with Guardian. With a simple wave of their smart phone or smartwatch near an HID, Wavelynx, Safetrust or LEGIC reader, your employees can securely open doors, print documents, open lockers and access vending machines.

A smarter visitor management designed for corporate security.

Say goodbye to physical kiosks, sign-in sheets and unreliable processes: A smart, mobile-enabled visitor management solution has entered your building. With our drag-and-drop configurability and one-click functionality, you’ll get unmatched simplicity tailored to the complexities of your business. Our adaptable platform supports a variety of hosting environments, ensuring scalability 
and customization. Plus, smart multi-tenant solutions crafted for 
the dynamic, hybrid workplace offer an innovative approach to streamline operations while adapting to the evolving needs of 
your facilities.

Generative AI-powered PIAM: Unified and automated 
access control

Power your enterprise-wide security, governance, compliance, policy enforcement, automation and workforce management with Generative AI. Features like our patented Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) all reside on a single AI-powered platform for physical identity and access management (PIAM). Get ready to converge your physical access control, identity management, and workspace automation to create secure, flexible and efficient modern work environments.

Get ready to...

Drag and drop
With over 200 out-of-the-box connectors and a configurable modular platform, you can skip the complexity of custom system design—no coding needed.
Save money
Say goodbye to never-ending customization fees. Plus, enjoy extra savings right from the start.
Get ongoing support
Like a good partner, we stick around to help you grow as your needs evolve. Our customer support team is where it’s at.

See it in action.

Migrating from your current PIAM system to Guardian is simple. Get the inside scoop from our very own Yogesh Ailawadi, SVP of Product Management and Solution Engineering.

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The proof is in the millions.

Discover how Mosaic identified $70-$90 million in potential cost savings with our identity, access management and security solutions. Then find out how the Fortune 500 company completely transformed their physical security approach by moving away from decentralized system silos and inefficient manual processes.

Oh, and a quick introduction.

We’re Alert Enterprise—the leading security convergence software company offering smart cloud-based SaaS identity and access management solutions for physical security. Humble brag: We’re also the only true convergence provider to unite existing physical security, IT and OT systems using over 200 out-of-the-box connectors for coordinated access management, automated compliance, and threat mitigation and response.

P.S. We play nice with others.

In other words, we can integrate with the systems you already have in place. If you don’t see yours below, no sweat—we have a habit of adding to this list. Let’s connect to see how we can meet your integration needs.

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