The 300 Effect The Mosaic Company Selects Alert Enterprise Solutions as a Force Multiplier for Digital Transformation

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The Fortune 500 company identifies $70-$90 million potential cost savings in North American contract management alone through Alert Enterprise’s identity, access management and security solutions.

Converged cyber-physical identity, access management and security are powerful because they fuse together and improve an organization’s existing systems. The Mosaic Company’s Casper Eloff has a name for it: The 300 Effect, referencing the famed story of the Spartan 300.

“If you use a tool like Alert Enterprise, it acts like a force multiplier,” the global security manager said. “It brings all your technologies together in one place.” Seeking true security convergence, The Mosaic Company enlisted Alert Enterprise, Inc. to unify its technologies and streamline its operations for greater efficiencies and return on investment.

Taking Control of its Technologies

The Mosaic Company is the leading international producer of concentrated phosphate and potash. Like many mining companies, it’s comprised of many mergers and acquisitions. With its large international footprint – and the conglomeration of newly joined companies – the varying technologies and systems became difficult to manage. Eloff noted that employees need four or five badges alone just to access the company’s facilities.

The company wanted to simplify its systems – including its HR systems, multiple PACS and data analytics – without shouldering the hefty cost of replacing all its technologies.

“If you want to use the same product across your entire organization, it gets very expensive and pricey to do a single deployment from legacy technology,” Eloff said. “We wanted to take control of the technology that we use in the physical security world, in a cost-effective way.”

A beacon of light during a pandemic

In its search for a fitting identity access management system, The Mosaic Company prioritized four factors: long-term longevity, flexibility, versatility and usability. The organization wanted a straightforward solution that could accommodate many different areas of the company – along with the support of a long-term partner.

These qualifications made Alert Enterprise, the leading cyber-physical identity, access management and security software company, the ideal candidate.

The COVID-19 pandemic also ushered in a unique opportunity for The Mosaic Company. With many of its employees working from home, The Mosaic Company was able to test Alert Enterprise’s identity access management solutions in North America. This allowed them to proactively address safe office re-openings that were based on new health and safety standards.

Predicting Business Outcomes

With the Alert Enterprise partnership, Eloff is confident they will be able to simplify and automate many of their processes for a large return on investment. The Mosaic Company employs thousands of contractors, but before partnering with Alert Enterprise, didn’t have an efficient way of tracking their time on-site.

With an identity access management system, the organization can automatically use security access data to validate time on a site – and compare these figures to hours billed by each contractor. The company has identified between 70 and 90 million dollars potential cost savings in North America alone through the prevention of overbilling.

As the company starts deployment in North America, Eloff is excited about the prospect of opportunities across the globe. He called the potential for savings “unimaginable.”

Take the Next Step

The future of modern security lies in convergence. Just ask The Mosaic Company, along with hundreds of other Alert Enterprise clients and partners. Learn more about Alert Enterprise’s cyber-physical identity, access management and security solutions – and how they can help streamline your business for greater productivity and return on investment.

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