Access rules the security landscape.

Every attacker wants it, and every employee has it. It’s time to wipe out silos across HR, IT, OT and physical security and keep identity at the core of your physical access management strategy. You’ll create a smoother employee experience and boost everyone’s productivity on the job.

Access every benefit.

  • Remove discrepancies between physical and digital employee identities
  • Introduce or streamline badging in & out of physical workspaces
  • Maintain control over who goes where – and when – with security automation
  • Create a frictionless, secure workspace access experience from hire to retire
  • Empower employees with self-service options
  • Reduce the number of help requests for physical security
  • Automate manual, labor-intensive & error-prone tasks
  • Use your existing systems to deploy our solutions
  • Redirect employees to higher-value work
An image of a Suprema device used to gain access to a building.

PBAC for physical security is here.

Don’t just automate access. Control it according to individual schedules with the first-ever policy-based access control cloud service. 

Go from SaaS to IDaaS.

With our convergence platform, you can pick and choose capabilities according to your organization’s needs. And don’t worry — they’re just as easy to add on later.


User compliance

Get active enforcement with a configurable rules engine and automate compliance management. Meet requirements for HIPAA, TSA, NERC CIP and more.


Badge management

Use one interface to manage multiple badging systems and manage the number of active badges.


Asset governance

Monitor and restrict access to critical operating assets. Plus, integrate events and alerts from SCADA, DSC and plant applications into dashboards. 


Health & safety

Control access according to new company policies (i.e. vaccination status, testing results, etc.).


Policy-Based Access Control

Get rid of 24/7 access for increased contingent worker security and introduce biometric authentication.

Open doors. And benefits for all.

  • Employees: Self-service portal for access & visitor management
  • Contractors: Temporary building access with self-service kiosks
  • Visitors: Automated registration and check-in/out
  • Vendor: Manage cardholders, access & process
  • Manager: Manage team’s access, process & audit
  • HR/Admin: Control emergency access & contact tracing needs
  • EHS/Audit Compliance: Access review, audit reports & spot checks
  • Facility Area Admin, IT-OT System Owner & Physical Security:
    Manage critical systems access, emergency actions & audits
  • Security Operation:
    Consolidated alarm, incident and intelligent threat response

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Skip the custom integration.

Need to get going, fast? With out-of-the-box connectors to leading PACS, HR and IT systems like Active Directory, you don’t have to worry about added coding or overhauling your infrastructure.

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Manage insider threats and optimize physical workspaces.

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