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What if you could get answers to your most urgent security questions—in an instant? Developed with the latest Large Language Models (LLMs), our Guardian Security AI Chatbot automatically delivers the physical access and security insights that matter most.

Bridge the resource and attention gap​

Boost your team’s skills and focus on more critical responsibilities by automating tedious tasks and delivering instant insights.

Get always-on security at AI speed and scale

When it comes to keeping your employees, visitors and workplaces safe, minutes count. Get the answers you need fast without sifting through endless reports.

Power your SOC

It’s embedded with our Guardian SOC Insights & Response to provide end-to-end protection, actionable data and playbooks—so your SOC team can detect, respond to and mitigate risk swiftly and accurately.

Here’s how it works.

The Guardian Security AI Chatbot ingests and analyzes the wealth of converged data across your physical access control and IT systems.

Trained on the most recent Large Language Models (LLMs), it answers questions in real-time relating to physical access, identity access management, visitor management, door reader analytics, and security and safety reporting. For example, you can ask something like:

  • “Guardian, how many employees and visitors are in the Data Center?”
  • “Guardian, how many new employee badges did we issue last month?”
  • “Guardian, show me upcoming employee training expirations for restricted area access.”

You name it. We connect to it.

Have a complex mix of access control systems? No sweat. With over 200 out-of-the-box connectors, Guardian connects and consolidate them all under one platform that’s accessible to the Chatbot.

Responsible use of security AI.

Alert Enterprise is committed to protecting customer data and safeguarding against potential misuse of AI technology, which is why we implemented the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls in the industry. Our AI technology is used to provide you immediate insights that are securely stored in Alert Enterprise’s database, with role-based access permissions in place to ensure only the right people have the right access at the right time. Whether on premise or on the cloud, we never share your data with any 3rd party application. To that end, your data is not used to train or enrich foundation AI models used by others, meaning it stays right where it belongs—with you.

Manage insider threats and optimize physical workspaces.

The insights don’t stop there.

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