Beyond the hype: Exploring a new world of chatbots and AI technology – securely.

June 23, 2023

Generative AI has become a 
household term.

Users are praising its ability to spearhead brainstorming sessions, while also churning out essays, emails, cover letters and even original jokes at a lightning-fast pace.

And yes, it’s having a major impact on security, too.

Two of our newest solutions – Guardian SOC Insights and Security AI Chatbot – leverage generative AI technology, which helps security operators gain valuable insights, boost their productivity and respond more efficiently and accurately.

Guardian SOC Insights

utilizes the OpenAI NLP model to turn volumes of physical security data into risk-mitigating insights that help SOC teams stay ahead of threats. Future development will help prioritize tasks with automated workflows and processes.

Security AI Chatbot

uses OpenAI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to answer a user’s security-related questions in seconds.

But as users become more familiar with generative AI, these types of questions typically follow:
  • “Is my data being compromised?”
  • “Is using this technology safe?”
  • “Should I be nervous about AI and ChatGPT?”

We get it, new technology can 
be intimidating – and the 
unknown concerning.

Our responsible use of AI

Alert Enterprise is committed to protecting customer data and safeguarding against potential misuse of AI technology, which is why we implemented comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls. Our AI technology is used to provide you immediate insights that are securely stored in Alert Enterprise’s database, with role-based access permissions in place to ensure only the right people have the right access at the right time. Whether on-premise or on the cloud, we never share your data with any third-party application. To that end, your data is not used to train or enrich foundation AI models used by others, meaning it stays right where it belongs: with you. We safeguard data through two-level privacy filters:

  • We don’t share any of the data with OpenAI (i.e: identities, assets, access, visits, visitors, etc.) to make sure our customers are safe, even in the worst-case scenario.
To train our models, we share only metadata in a controlled protocol without any human intervention.

Let’s continue the conversation.

Here’s the bottom line: AI is here and it’s having a major impact on nearly every industry. But that doesn’t mean safety will take a backseat.Have more questions about our use of generative AI technology, or want to learn more about our AI-powered solutions? We’d love to help.