Welcome to the future of campus security and convenience with Alert Enterprise mobile credential solutions.

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Elevate your campus experience — empower your students and staff with advanced security and unmatched convenience.

At Alert Enterprise, we’re dedicated to transforming the campus experience for higher education institutions. Cutting-edge mobile credential solutions are custom-built to cater to the unique needs of campuses, ensuring a secure, seamless and sustainable environment for all.

Why Alert Enterprise mobile credential solutions stand out.

Unmatched security

Leveraging advanced analytics and 
real-time monitoring, our solutions provide top-tier security. Safeguard your campus community with confidence.

Complete convenience

Transition from traditional ID cards to a digital era where smartphones and smartwatches become secure digital campus passes. Access buildings, services and more with a simple tap.

Effortless integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your campus’ existing systems for a smooth transition, covering access control, payments, library services and beyond.

Sustainable choice

Embrace an eco-friendly solution that eliminates the need for plastic cards, aligning with your campus’ sustainability goals.

School benefits

Our digital credentials operate just like physical cards, but better. Our platform configures to your use cases, delivering:

  • Student, staff and visitor physical and digital access control
  • Secure printing
  • Vending services and other transaction capabilities.

Benefit from the largest network of third-party technology partners, including HID, Wavelynx and Safetrust, for seamless integration with the systems you already have.

Complete mobile credential lifecycle management. Provision, update or revoke credentials in real-time at scale, ensuring maximum flexibility and security.

Student benefits

Unrivaled convenience

Friction-free, contactless and secure campus-wide access and transactions with one digital card on their mobile devices.

Security and Peace-of-Mind:

No more worrying about lost or stolen plastic cards with secure NFC-enabled mobile credentials.

apple wallet and google wallet
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Support for Apple Student ID, Google Campus ID, and Samsung Student ID

Our solutions fully support Apple Student ID, Google Campus ID, and Samsung Student ID for Apple, Google and Samsung Wallets, ensuring a versatile and inclusive platform for all students and staff.

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