NFC wallet mobile credentials unlock new levels of campus safety

May 12, 2023
A graphic of a phone representing NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials being used to unlock campus safety.

Thousands of students, faculty and staff members roam college campuses every day. With all those revolving doors, safety is of the utmost importance. But in this mobile-driven world, convenience can’t take a backseat either: younger generations want fast, easily accessible ways to get where they need to go. Preferably using only their smartphones.

Enter NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials, a new technology that’s quickly redefining access control – and putting the power back in users’ hands (quite literally). Students can store their identification and access information on their smartphones, using it to access classrooms, dorms, recreation centers and other campus facilities. It’s a more convenient, secure alternative to bulky, plastic ID cards that also lowers costs and increases sustainability for universities. And it’s transforming campuses so fast that one might say we’re taking traditional access control to school.

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