Take an Epic approach to Visitor Management.

When compassionate care is the goal, safety must come first — but compliance won’t be taking a backseat, either. Make them go together when you digitally transform IT and physical access for patients, employees and visitors.

Meet Visitor Management from Alert Enterprise.

HL7-certified, VIM software integrates with Epic and automates the entire visitor identity lifecycle, including:

  • Pre-registration
  • Check-in
  • On-site experience

Make sure staff, patients and visitors experience the highest level of safety

  • Automate the vetting of visitors against internal and third-party watch lists
  • Configure alerts and workflows based on visitor status

Automate other workflows like:

  • Current COVID-19 Health and Safety compliance
  • Vaccination checks
  • And more

Learn more about our Epic integration.

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Take the first step to greater hospital safety.

Your facility’s staff, patients and visitors will thank you.