Security orchestration, finely tuned.

It’s hard to get ahead of risk when everyone has a different sense of what’s happening. Position your data to deliver visibility across IT, OT, HR and physical security so you can act on anomalous behavior, identify areas of operational improvement and more.

What can you do with our intelligence platform?

Unleash your security data with AI-Powered SOC automation

Tackle insider threats

Make the most of your space

But first, a fast, secure deployment.

Security’s our thing, so we follow the strict standards for handling data with SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications. Plus, we connect with the leading PACS, HR & IT systems, including ServiceNow, so you can get going faster without the expense (and hassle) of a rip and replace.

I also want to...

Introduce badging procedures that deliver accurate, reliable data and enforce company access policies.

Insider threat detection is a demo away.

Let’s up your security response and power your digital transformation with machine learning. No coding required.