Now in NFC Wallet: Easy and secure workforce access.

Replace those plastic physical access cards with a smarter and convenient alternative right inside Apple, Samsung and Google Wallet. Then seamlessly manage your workforce as they securely breeze through company doors with just a quick tap of their phone or other smart device. Added perk: Your ESG stakeholders approve.

Benefits that start where security threats end.

Stronger security is everyone’s priority. But when you go all-in on NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials, there’s even more to look forward to.

  • Inside. In seconds.
    Employees can walk in simply by holding their phones or other smart devices up to an HID, Wavelynx, LEGIC, or Safetrust reader—no need to unlock or even wake up their devices. It even works with GANTNER smart lockers and rf IDEAS WAVE ID® credential readers for logical access.
  • Battery running low?
    No sweat. Offices and amenity areas can be accessed for up to five hours with Power Reserve.
  • Tap into more and better experiences.
    Building access is only the beginning. Empower employees to also unlock office doors, print documents and access vending machines with ease.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
    Ramp up your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives with smarter, mobile-friendly workspace access.

Streamline things for your security team, too.

Guardian manages the entire NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials lifecycle so your security team can ensure the most secure front-end experience alongside back-end control. Think better automation, smarter data and all-around stronger governance.

Smarter access meets higher education.

Turn smartphones into secure digital campus cards—enabling convenient, safer access and transactions.
apple wallet and google wallet
samsung wallet

Support for Employee Badge in Apple Wallet, Corporate Badges in Google Wallet and Company ID in Samsung Wallet.

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