Deploying Employee Badges Has Never Been Easier.

Our seamless integration into Apple, Google and Samsung Wallet makes deploying employee badges easier than ever before. Adding your badge to your wallet of choice is simple, allowing users to access doors, secure prints, vending machines, and other facilities.

Seamlessly Manage Credential Lifecycles in the Cloud.

We provide your security team with a seamless, software-first approach to managing the entire lifecycle of credentials from a single cloud platform. Administrators can instantly activate and deactivate credentials at scale with an automated connection to your physical access control system.

Empowering Security and Efficiency Through Innovative Solutions.

Alert Enterprise’s partnership with Safetrust introduces a unique approach to
access control solutions. Safetrust’s open data model ensures seamless interoperability and empowers customers with independent encryption key
control, enhancing security and enabling robust auditing.

Unlike other solutions, Safetrust offers multi-vendor compatibility, reducing
deployment costs while providing flexibility in reader selection. Their mobile
access solutions, including NFC credentials and BLE, cater to diverse needs,
while a streamlined badge management system simplifies administration
tasks, enhancing security and operational efficiency simultaneously.

Safetrust + Guardian Integration Offers…

  • Full support for Safetrust readers
  • Complete automation with role-based access
  • Access management and audit for temporary workers
  • Self-service portal for end users
  • Configurable workflows for critical site access 
  • Automated access reviews and recertification
  • AI-powered anomaly detection and reporting for NFC credentials
  • Out-of-the-box integration with multiple Physical Access Control Systems

Open doors with NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials

Discover how NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials can streamline your company’s access control. Ready?