Connect physical assets to identities. Securely.

Who has which key, laptop, phone, or company vehicle? Keep tabs on your physical assets from the moment they’re assigned to an employee or contingent worker—until they’re transferred to the next.

Automated and within your control.

Keep compliance in check

Deliver complete chain of custody and auditing with a comprehensive inventory of
all your assets, stored on a single dashboard.

Streamline provisioning

Identify, classify, manage and monitor all employee assets with ease—from hire to retire. And once they leave, account for all equipment without skipping a beat.

Simplify their process, too

Does an employee need an item replaced or reported as missing? New equipment and updated inventory is just a request form away.

New device? No problem.

Automate the registration process whenever a new device gets added to the system.


Asset administrator creates or 
uploads a new asset/device in 
AE Asset Management.


Asset/device is available for
assignments to all users.


New asset/device is saved in 
AE Asset Store.


Complete audit record 
is generated.

When they leave, your assets stay.

Once an employee is terminated, ensure your equipment goes back where it belongs. With you.

Alert Enterprise’s Asset Governance Platform allows you to…

We keep inventory of your:


Automate the registration process whenever a new device gets added to the system.


Everyone from employees, to visitors, to service technicians. If they enter your building, we can track them.

You get access to and management of:

  • Chain of custody
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Assignment audits
  • Tracking/loss prevention
  • Reports and audits
  • Asset inventory
  • Asset criticality
  • Service history
  • Service vendors
  • Geofencing/location
  • Ownerships
  • Asset codes/tags


  • Asset allocation requests
  • Policy-driven assignments
  • Service tickets
  • Report lost/stolen asset
  • Recertifications
  • Ownership transfers
  • Workflow approvals


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