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Next-gen identity access governance.

What if you could use your existing physical access control system (yes, that one) to grant fast, secure workspace access only when people need it — down to the individual shift level?

PACS can’t handle complexity. Until now.

Most PACS can only manage 24/7 access to cardholders. But do you really want to grant shift workers access to restricted areas during off-hours? What about hybrid work models, where in-office visits are becoming more sporadic? Is the door just going to stay open?

Go from “all the time” to real-time authorization

Use identity attributes, roles and policies to determine access in real-time at the door

Configure access according to your organization’s specific needs

With fully configurable and dynamic Authorization Policies

Skip the rip & replace

100s of out-of-the-box connectors to leading access control and mobile authentication technologies

See PBAC in action.

Our policy-based access control (PBAC) solution reinvents your existing PACS to transform workplace security. You can implement it one of two ways — and neither requires coding.

Option 1: Standard card reader

Using a standard card reader, our PBAC solution authorizes access at the Access Control Panel according to the policies you’ve configured.

Option 2: Smart/biometric readers

Employees use inputs like a fingerprint, smart phone credentials or even facial recognition to confirm their identity. The PBAC solution then authorizes physical access at the door.

Meet our PBAC partners.

We’re thrilled to offer the industry’s first PBAC solution for physical security in partnership with BioConnect as they help us bridge legacy PACS with the latest authentication technology.

We make it a point to be integrated to suit your security needs. Check out all of our integrations and technology partnerships.

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We see PBAC in your future.

Access management software that strengthens your security posture with the latest authentication technologies and mobile access … but requires zero rip and replace? Let’s go.