This just in: groundbreaking patent approved for physical access technology.

January 30, 2024

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We live in an era where security needs are constantly evolving, and traditional access control systems struggle to keep up. As we continue to not only keep pace, but lead the charge in corporate security, Alert Enterprise is excited to announce that our recent patent, U.S. Patent No. 11,783,646 for Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) technology, was approved. 

Why PBAC matters.

As work dynamics shift with the rise of hybrid and flexible work schedules, the need for adaptable security measures has never been greater. PBAC technology addresses this need head-on, providing real-time authorization that integrates identity attributes, door/reader attributes, time of day and specific policy configurations. 

Access is in the hand of the beholder. 

A key differentiator of our PBAC system is it allows the account holder to enforce custom security policies for different members of the organization. This provides a unique and convenient alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach offered with traditional door programming. With PBAC, doors can respond dynamically to different users – creating personalized access experiences based on specific policy parameters. This flexibility ensures a more secure and tailored approach to physical access management.

Easy integration for streamlined physical security.

Another beloved feature of our PBAC technology is its ability to integrate with existing physical access systems. With the power to enhance your security without the headache of costly technology overhauls, your company can implement dynamic authorization rules tailored to work schedules, policy changes and compliance requirements. 

Digital mobile credentials: a friction-free experience. 

In the age of digital transformation, mobile credentials are becoming increasingly prevalent. That’s why PBAC provides dynamic policy enforcement, making it easy for users to seamlessly grant and receive company access. By integrating advanced policy controls with mobile access solutions, PBAC empowers organizations to offer friction-free access solutions that meet the expectations of today’s tech-savvy workforce. 

Zero Trust + PBAC technology: a 
cyber-physical approach. 

A security model designed with IT and cyber safety in mind, Alert Enterprise’s Zero Trust approach is now being extended to encompass physical security. PBAC technology played a major role in this convergence, introducing software-defined controls that integrate cyber and physical security considerations. This new holistic approach ensures a more robust and resilient security posture, aligning with the evolving nature of threats in both digital and physical domains.

Improving security postures, one partnership at a time.

In addition to our partnership with BioConnect, Alert Enterprise is actively collaborating with its PACS partner ecosystem to expand the range of compatible readers. This collaboration underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing security while maintaining ease of integration and use.

The future of access control.

PBAC patent approval heralds a new era in access control technology. Yogesh Ailawadi, senior vice president of products and solutions and co-inventor, remarks, “Our PBAC technology is a pivotal step towards more adaptive, secure, and user-centric access control solutions.” Similarly, Vikas Chauhan, vice president of engineering and solutions and co-inventor, highlights, “This innovation represents our commitment to evolving security measures that keep pace with changing workplace dynamics.” 

Get to know PBAC.

Learn more about how Alert Enterprise is revolutionizing physical access control with PBAC and embracing the principles of Cyber-Physical Zero Trust Convergence.