An Epic approach to the visitor identity life cycle

When compassionate care is the goal, safety must come first – but compliance won’t be taking a backseat either. Make them go together when you digitally transform IT and physical access for patients, employees and visitors. We can help you create a smoother, more secure experience for everyone – and you can make it happen with the systems you already have in place.
health visitor management screen

Meet Visitor Identity Management (VIM) from Alert Enterprise

HL7-certified, VIM software integrates with Epic and automates the entire visitor identity lifecycle, including:

  • Pre-registration
  • Check-in
  • On-site experience
Make sure staff, patients and visitors experience the highest level of safety
  • Automate the vetting of visitors against internal and third-party watch lists
  • Configure alerts and workflows based on visitor status
Automate other workflows like:
  • Current COVID-19 Health and Safety compliance
  • Vaccination checks
  • And more

First, here’s what VIM does.

Syncs new patient records once they’re created in EPIC via 
HL& message
Pulls relevant patient data like name, department, MRN unique
identifier, etc.
Creates a visitor profile associated with the appropriate patient
Pushes HL7 messages for discharge and updates within the EPIC HL7 interface

Second, here’s what everyone else does.

Staff issue visitor stickers, technology badges or advanced mobile credentials based on the visitor profile.

Visitors check themselves in and out using our lobby workstation software and a self-service kiosk app

What can your organization get out of VIM?

  • Greater security for everyone in the building
  • More positive, frictionless and patient and visitor experience
  • Simplified compliance and data protection
  • Less burden on clinical, administrative and security staff

Keep the focus on care with Alert Enterprise

Welcome guests safely and efficiently – even amidst ever-changing health and safety guidelines – with the support of cyber-physical solutions that integrate with EPIC.