Five ways security data gives the green light for ESG success

March 22, 2023

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As social responsibility becomes increasingly important to potential investors, clients and employees, more organizations are turning their attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues like sustainability, carbon footprint, company culture and leadership transparency. Here’s a little-known secret though: when it comes to achieving better ESG outcomes, security and its wealth of data are often the unsung heroes.

Let’s explore the top-five ways security data can help your company reach its ESG goals:  

1. Increasing environmental stewardship

To aid in sustainability efforts, organizations can use security data to monitor and track their energy consumption, water usage, and other environmental impacts. Our Workspace Intelligence solution also helps companies make the most of their space by monitoring building health, tracking utilization, occupancy and capacity, and optimizing workspaces. All these insights empower companies to take important steps in reducing their environmental resource usage.

And let’s not forget about those clunky ID badges: time to swap them out for mobile ones! Mobile credentialing reduces plastic waste and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with printing and distributing physical badges – while also being more convenient and secure for employees. See how our new Alert Enterprise Mobile Credential product integrates with Apple Wallet to make virtual credentialing easier than ever. 

2. Streamlining your governance practices

Security data can be used to monitor, track and automate your company’s governance practices, including its compliance with laws and regulations. By identifying areas for improvement and implementing automated software controls, companies can move toward continuous compliance and reduce their risk of regulatory penalties. Our Identity Access Management and Governance platform makes auditing a breeze, amplifies and automates security processes – and empowers you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions about your organization.

3. Overseeing all aspects of your supply chain 

When it comes to supply chain management, visibility is crucial. By using security data to monitor and track suppliers and partners, organizations can meet industry standards and regulations – and ensure that they are not inadvertently supporting unethical or unsustainable practices in their supply chain. Security data also helps mitigate the costly risks of a physical attack or manufacturing loss, which far outweigh the expense of security convergence. 

Our CSO Mark Weatherford spoke about the power of visibility in the supply chain through convergence at the 2021 RSA Conference. “It’s important to have a common operating system,” he said. “Convergence has a profound effect. 

“If you don’t have convergence if the CISO doesn’t talk to the CIO who doesn’t talk to the CEO what happens when an incident happens? Do you send the guy with the gun, the guy with the wrench or the guy with the computer skills?”

4. Managing and mitigating incidents 

Threats are becoming more complex, and attackers are getting smarter; and to keep both your employees’ and customers’ trust, your security posture should follow suit. AI and ML-powered Threat Detection Security (like our Intelligence platform) can sense and quickly respond to incidents, including data breaches and physical security breaches. This helps companies minimize the damage caused by these incidents while reducing their risk of reputational damage. 

5. Keeping employees safe

In today’s environment, 24/7 access is a thing of the past. To keep your team safe, your approach must shift from all-the-time to real-time. Security data enables organizations to track employees’ access to the company facilities, ensuring they are only entering authorized areas at the right time and reducing the risk of potential accidents and safety breaches. Learn how our Policy-Based Access Control solution can help you automate and control access (down to the individual shift level). 

Next step: meeting your organization’s ESG goals

Through security data, companies can identify areas for improvement and take tangible steps to become more sustainable, responsible and compliant. So, don’t overlook the power of security data in your ESG journey; it may just be the green light you need to reach your goals. But if you’re still stuck at a red light, we can help get you going. Reach out to learn about how our suite of cyber-physical security solutions can help with ESG initiatives at your organization. 

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