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It’s been two (long) years since we’ve had a full-scale, in-person ISC West conference—and we couldn’t be more excited to connect with our industry peers in the coming weeks. But the challenges for physical security loom large in the wake of COVID, including a huge shift to hybrid work models that’s creating more complex access management needs across industries.

Which begs the question: which technologies and solutions can rise to the occasion and lead us into a new standard for physical security?

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the physical security industry ahead of ISC West—and which key trends to look out for at the conference.

1. Cloud everything

Everyone’s going cloud for, well, everything. Already a darling of the digital transformation set, cloud technologies have become non-negotiable in the COVID era as companies across industries look to enhance their digital capabilities. Gartner expects 85% of organizations to embrace a cloud-first principle – and for 95% of new digital workloads to be deployed on cloud-native platforms – by 2025.

And physical security is no exception to the trend, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) evolving into identity-as-a-service (IDaaS). Case it point: we recently moved to a hyperscale cloud platform to make sure our customers have flexible, scalable convergence solutions for identity and access management. Our solutions are also available as part of the NS2 Marketplace, which offers the most unique security requirements for Cloud hosting of products, apps and data available.

2. Mobile access is going mainstream

… and identity is at the center of it all. It makes sense: in 2022, everyone already owns a piece of credentialing technology that they have with them at virtually all times. Why not leverage it to accelerate the authorization process?

Apple, for example, recently added mobile access control support for their Wallet product, meaning users can store digital badges directly in the app to enter facilities.  The app will now hold employee access badges, picture IDs and driver’s licenses in addition to payment cards. TSA checkpoints also plan to support Apple Wallet IDs in two airports this February.

In response, we are accelerating our development and support as PACS providers invest heavily in mobile access.

In partnership with SafeTrust, we’re making sure the next generation of access management includes secure mobile convenience, such as instant mobile credentialing and mobile passes for visitors.

3. Zero trust hits the physical realm

Since the onset of the pandemic, security incidents have increased across both the cyber and physical security landscape. At the same time, physical security professionals are facing a far more complicated set of access needs thanks to the shift to hybrid work. New solutions that help them manage and monitor access from a position of zero-trust will thrive moving forward.

In partnership with Bioconnect, we’ve introduced the first-ever PBAC solution for physical security. Organizations can use biometric and mobile device-based credentials and door readers with – or in place of – the traditional card reader.

4. The future of work is here

Can you secure it? A shift to hybrid work is increasing the prevalence of insider threats, while COVID has made visitors’ safety and security a priority, particularly in the healthcare space, where security incidents have increased. And while the formerly pending vaccination mandate from OSHA is now dead, the need for increased workplace (and workforce) safety is not.

We’re helping our customers tackle workplace safety from multiple angles: automating visitor access management, provisioning access according to policy, storing vaccination data, activating intelligence to mitigate insider threats and more.

5. Ready or not, here come convergence and digital transformation

Bottom line: if you want to thrive in a new world of global disruption, digital transformation and security are the only ways forward.  And as cyber and physical worlds blend, there is no transformation without converged security.

To explore this topic more, be sure to attend our session at ISC West, “Why Digital Transformation and Security Are the Only Ways Forward” with our CEO Jasvir Gill and CSO Mark Weatherford on Wednesday, March 23 at 3:30 pm. Get more details here.

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