Meet us at the International SAP Conference for Utilities

Unleash the power of AI and cyber-physical security

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Event Information

When: April 18-20
Where: Basel, Switzerland

Come see Alert Enterprise at the 2023 International SAP Conference for Utilities, the event of the year specifically designed for the international utilities community.

Join us for a preview of some of the latest advancements in security today, including the first-ever Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM) integration with Open AI ChatGPT!

Speaking of innovation...

Book a meeting with our very own Shane Butler, VP of Sales Europe, for a one-on-one discussion about cyber-physical security convergence and how the latest AI technology fits right in.

HR: Make work, work smarter

Enable frictionless and secure workspace access from hire to retire. Then create a seamless transition from digital and physical workspaces to suit the new world of hybrid work. The solution? Alert Enterprise’s Guardian integration with SAP SuccessFactors. Bonus: No coding required.

Here's what awaits:

Stronger Security Is Just a Question Away

Discover our first-ever Guardian AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI ChatGPT, designed to instantly deliver Utilities security operators the physical access and security insights that matter most with quick questions and prompts.


Your Mobile Phone Is Now Your Employee Badge

Mobile credentials have disrupted the legacy access control industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this major shift. Enter Alert Enterprise’s mobile credentials access platform. Your utilities workforce can securely breeze through building entrances simply by waving their smartphones near WaveLynx multi-tech readers. The best part? The platform integrates with Alert’s Guardian software for a seamless and secure experience, all while saving you time and money. The future is here, and it’s looking mobile and secure.


Insider Threat Protection: New Guardian SOC Insights

We’ll be demonstrating our new AI-powered SOC Incident Response Dashboard for physical security. The SOC Insights module is specifically designed to provide actionable data insights and playbooks to utility executives and SOC teams, enabling them to respond to security risks swiftly and accurately.


Visitor Management: New Kiosk-free Mobile Check-In

Say goodbye to registration kiosks, sign-in sheets and manual data entry processes: A new, mobile-enabled visitor management tool has entered the building. Thanks to a seamless Visitor Management solution by Alert Enterprise, utilities organizations can now streamline the visitor registration and check-in process using a QR code and their mobile devices. It’s time to open the door to an easier, quicker, safer and more valuable experience for both visitors and companies alike. Ready?

Let's transform.

Just think: soon, you could be up and running with the latest security automation. Ready?

David Cassady

Chief Strategy Officer

David Cassady has been selling and leading teams in Silicon Valley for more than 30 years. During that time, he’s led a mix of established software players and startups. Cassady has also been involved with five IPOs — and at least as many acquisitions. 

As Chief Strategy Officer, David leverages his extensive experience helping software businesses drive growth through deep and impactful partnerships with the world’s most successful SaaS providers like ServiceNow, Microsoft and SAP. 

Mark Weatherford

Chief Security Officer
Senior Vice President, Regulated Industries

Mark Weatherford brings years of high-level cyber-physical expertise to Alert Enterprise, and as Chief Security Officer (CSO), he guides the strategy of data management and protection by advising cyber-physical security policies and procedures within the company. Weatherford also works in liaison with businesses and executive professionals in the cyber and physical security industries to further accelerate security convergence adoption.

Mark has held numerous high-level cyber-centric positions, including Vice President and Chief Security Officer at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the Department of Homeland Security’s first Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity under the Obama administration, California’s first Chief Security Officer, and the first CISO for the state of Colorado.

Harsh Chauhan

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Alert Enterprise, Harsh Chauhan is responsible for the company’s engineering technology innovation and solution delivery. A 20-year technology veteran and leader, Chauhan is focused on the growth of the company’s 3D Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) hyperscale cloud platform.

He also continues to develop integrated solutions with leading technology partners like SAP, SAP NS2, and ServiceNow. Before Alert Enterprise, Mr. Chauhan held multiple CTO positions, as well as Product Owner and Head of Development at SAP GRC 10.0, delivering targeted solutions to high-profile SAP clients.

Ruby Deol

Chief Operations Officer

Ruby Deol oversees all business units at Alert Enterprise. With more than 20 years of experience in global sales and support services, Deol nurtures existing client relationships with a customer-first approach. As Alert Enterprise continues to grow in industry recognition and stature, Deol is charged with developing and implementing methods to meet organization goals and facilitate the company’s ongoing transformation.

Kaval Kaur

CFO and Co-Founder

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Co-Founder of Alert Enterprise, Kaval Kaur leads all finance and administrative back-office operations. Kaur is a member of the national professional organization American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the California State CPA Society.

Prior to joining Alert Enterprise, she was the CFO and Co-Founder of Virsa Systems, a position she held until its acquisition by SAP.

Kaur is a philanthropist at heart, embracing the diversity of the San Francisco Bay area by assisting with and promoting special cultural events. She recently sponsored 2,000 public schools in rural India to advance computer literacy skills for children and is a foster mother to a 10 year old.

Jasvir Gill

Founder and CEO

Leading the charge of digital transformation and security convergence is Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO of Alert Enterprise, Inc. An accomplished engineer by trade, Gill is driving the long-overdue digital transformation of the physical security industry.

Prior to launching Alert Enterprise, Gill was the founder and CEO of Virsa Systems, where he grew the company into a global leader of application security software. An early pioneer in establishing governance, risk and compliance as a software market segment, he drove exponential growth at Virsa, facilitating its acquisition by SAP in 2006.

In his free time, Jasvir helps drive social and economic empowerment in the community. He’s also a trustee at the American India Foundation.