Your employees need fast, simple access to the doors and areas where they work. But you also have to keep those same physical spaces secure and in compliance. Ensuring only the right people get the correct level of access

The software automatically vets visitors against internal and third-party watch lists and provides
configurable alerts and workflows based on visitor status, creating critical new layers of protection for staff, patients and visitors alike. The integration will help healthcare providers deliver a higher standard of security and compliance while providing a positive, friction-free guest and host experience.

With the demand for mobile access to healthcare skyrocketing, AlertEnterprise and Buddy Cheque™ have partnered to empower individuals and organizations with data and insights to create a safer workplace environment.
In today’s new normal, companies are fundamentally reassessing how to manage physical access to comply with COVID-19-driven security and safety mandates. Managing the process and data manually takes too much time and is error-prone.
AlertEnterprise has added new COVID-19 vaccination management features in its Health & Safety Access Governance and Intelligence modules that help further support company return-to-work playbooks, prepare the enterprise for a final push against COVID-19 and protect the well-being of workers.
Safetrust and AlertEnterprise partnered to deliver next-generation digital access credentialing and controls — providing frictionless, safe and secure workspace access experiences for employees, contingent workers and visitors.
Come January 2021, California businesses need an accurate, real-time data-driven view of workplace and workforce COVID-19 risk. Managing the data manually takes too much time and is error-prone – two things businesses can’t afford. AlertEnterprise has teamed up with SAP in a new connected IT-HR and Physical Security solution automating and proactively enforcing your COVID-19 playbook by leveraging existing technology investments.
We have assembled this resource hub to share technology developments, information and best practices, to accelerate your crisis response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In these times of unprecedented change, contingent labor has become critically important across all industries and geographies. The modern workforce is experiencing a seismic shift as organizations increasingly need the flexibility to deploy contingent workers anywhere, any time. It’s not just companies driving this shift – it’s workers too. With an extended experience of working from home (WFH), going forward many people are choosing to work more flexibly than before.

AlertEnterprise software uncovers blended threats across multiple areas to detect and prevent unintentional or malicious incidents before they happen – and even specific to the operation of a broad range of instruments, sensors, switches, valves, gauges, servo control motors, pumps, alarms, relays and communications gear.

Banking/ Finance/ Insurance

Predictive risk analytics and Insider Threat monitoring for financial services unifies physical-logical identity, closing critical security gaps.

Utilities/ Energy

Dedicated convergence of Information Technology, Operational Technology, HR and Physical Security systems for the highest levels of Critical Infrastructure protection.


Airline physical identity access governance and cyber-physical security convergence.

Data Center Security

For this sensitive infrastructure, only a converged solution of cyber/IT, Physical Security and OT can provide critical, measured protection.


Mitigate risk and stand tall over regulations, recordkeeping, security and compliance in the healthcare market.

Real Estate Services

Secure identity and access management services for tenants, locations, employees, visitors and customers with a single platform that puts workable policies and great experiences first.

Insider Threat Protection

Mitigate potential threats inside an organization, stopping attackers in their tracks and protecting critical IT and physical security assets.

IT-OT Security Convergence

Single platform for the complete management of physical security, IT and Operational Technology.

Physical Access Control (PACS) Consolidation

Unify legacy systems while driving core business processes for value beyond security with converged identity and access management.

SAP SuccessFactors Integration

A powerful integration between Enterprise Guardian from AlertEnterprise and SAP SuccessFactors that automates identity lifecycle events from hire to retire. Manage physical identity and access for employee onboarding, transfer or job changes, and off-boarding scenarios.

Food and Beverage

Securing our most important critical resource—the food supply chain—means correlating threats across underlying HR, IT, Physical Security and Operational Technology used in production and processing. AlertEnterprise links to specialized plant applications like MES, plant historians and demand management from ERP that can deliver information directly to production.


The digital transformation couldn’t come at a better time for physical security. It ushers in an era of true convergence – where connecting cyber/IT, security and OT data across the enterprise leads to heighted situational intelligence, reduced risk and the integration of critical business processes.


AlertEnterprise Inc. has successfully worked with companies across the utility and critical infrastructure spectrum to address and resolve all areas of NERC-CIP compliance. The following is a current, real-world example of how technology helped one of our high-profile customers achieve the ultimate goal: continuous compliance and zero violations.


As digital technology dramatically improves the economics and capabilities of every business, Digital Transformation or DX, is a quest for high-performance companies to gain further efficiencies/improve operational metrics and pull ahead of their competition.

External Workforce

Recent studies estimate that up to 56 million U.S. workers work outside traditional employer-employee arrangements. Explore how to tap into this fast-growing workforce while keeping your enterprise secure.