Why an HR-PACS Integration Alone is Not Enough

Many companies build a custom integration between their HR and PACS system to help employee processes like onboarding, off-boarding, and role changes. However, this results in manual and time-consuming processes to manage credentials and produce compliance/audit documents. Furthermore, they lack comprehensive governance, risk management, and 360-degree security view across the enterprise.

Alert Enterprise stands as the forerunner in converged security, risk management and total workforce experience and safety. The Guardian platform addresses your business’s most compelling initiatives, transforming security from a daunting challenge into a seamless, automated, and business-enabling process.

Solution for the Total Workforce

Your total workforce consists of employees, contractors, and visitors. In most companies, the three personas are managed in different systems, making it hard to govern corporate access with a unified process. In a world of accelerating digital transformation and hybrid workforce models, the need for an all-encompassing total workforce security platform is more crucial than ever before .Alert Enterprise Guardian provides full governance and control across employees, contractors, and visitors.

Common Issues with HR-PACS Integrations

Manual and time-consuming processes to:

  • Manage credentials
  • Produce compliance and audit documents


Lack comprehensive:

  • Governance
  • Risk management
  • 360-degree security view
    across the enterprise

Total Workforce Experience with Siloed Systems

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Difficulty governing corporate access with a unified process.

Solution for the
Total Workforce

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Secure Your Company Across HR, IT, OT, and Physical Systems

As the only SaaS provider to connect physical security, IT, OT and HR systems, we can help you empower your workforce and unlock new levels of business with a zero-trust, cyber-physical platform for identity, access governance and security. P.S. No coding required.


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