Fortune 500 healthcare company welcomes guests – and stronger security – with upgrade to Guardian Hyperscale Cloud platform

The antidote to badging woes

A global managed healthcare company provides millions of members with medical, dental, long-term care and behavioral health plans every year. But when it came to the health of its own identity and access management, this Fortune 500 company needed a dose of physical-IT security convergence.

A healthier security posture

Having recorded approximately 200,000 visits in 2023, this major health insurance provider currently manages 150,000 identities, 200,000 badge roles and 165,000 active badges across 40 visitor lobbies. Now imagine trying to secure all those identities with manual, outdated processes: not exactly what the doctor ordered.

What we prescribed

With the entire application implemented on the Guardian Hyperscale Cloud (HsC) platform, the Alert Enterprise team deployed a Global Visitor Management System with custom connectors and temporary employee badge issuance. The global managed care company also took an automated, identity-first approach to access control with PIAM and Asset Governance solutions.

Alert Enterprise Guardian integrated with Microsoft Active Directory HR-driven provisioning, Honeywell Prowatch access control, PingFederate and Okta SSO Authentication, and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for a unified access experience across physical and IT systems.

All the benefits, without the side effects

An integrated Visitor Management platform streamlines and automates the entire visitor process, from pre-registration to self-check-out. With Alert Enterprise, guests can view, change or cancel their visits with ease – and without disrupting company operations. In turn, the organization receives better visibility and seamless management over its 500,000 visits.

The right treatment awaits

Make your organization’s security posture a picture of health – and safety – when you take a cyber-physical approach. Who’s next?