Alert Enterprise Announces End-to-End Platform for New California AB-685 COVID-19 Compliance and Reporting Obligations

March 11, 2021

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Alert Enterprise Inc., the leading physical-logical security convergence software company today announced that its COVID-19 Health & Safety Access Governance and Intelligence modules are designed for end-to-end support with built-in Active Policy Enforcement to help California businesses meet stringent requirements of AB-685.

Effective January 1, 2021, public and private employers in the state must comply with California law AB-685 requiring written notice to employees and contractors of COVID-19 exposure in the workplace within one day of confirmation, and 48 hours to the local public health agency. The law grants Cal-OSHA authority to close workplaces that constitute an “imminent hazard to employees” with possible citations and fines. Businesses are also required to maintain records of notification data for at least three years.

“To comply, California businesses need an accurate, real-time data-driven view of workplace and workforce COVID-19 risk. Managing the data manually takes too much time and is error-prone – two things businesses can’t afford,” said Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO, Alert Enterprise. “Only Alert Enterprise has a complete, end-to-end solution that performs the actual heavy lifting of AB-685 compliance, immediately deactivating access to the affected workforce and providing ongoing automated recordkeeping. Unlike the dashboard apps commonly found in the IT marketplace, our platform secures the entire employee journey back to work, delivering Active Policy Enforcements at each step.”

A connected IT-HR and Physical Security solution, Alert Enterprise provides a modular, scalable and integrated framework so enterprises can leverage existing technology investments and proactively enforce all aspects of AB-685 regulations. The system provides exposure risk management and automated contact tracing analytics for confirmed or potentially exposed individuals. Businesses can actively identify exposed areas, leveraging a quarantine data, hot zone travel maps and other actionable intelligence. Historical data on all contact exposures during the infectious period is kept secure, auditable and available on-demand for reporting.

Beating COVID-19, takes a global team effort, and Alert Enterprise has teamed up with leading technology providers like SAPServiceNow and Safetrust to automate and proactively enforce corporate COVID-19 playbooks. Alert Enterprise will be joining SAP and Qualtrics for a virtual roundtable discussion on the legal, cultural and technological considerations of AB-685 COVID-19. To register for the December 10 event, please visit http://sap.to/6005H1Ivd.

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