Predicting the three biggest trends for security in 2024

December 20, 2023

man scanning phone for entry

2023 was quite the year for security. OpenAI entered the Chat(GPT) in late 2022, quickly finding its way into everyday life in the ensuing months. The lines between cyber and physical security blurred as threats became increasingly sophisticated. Businesses labored to keep up with evolving technologies and the changes that accompanied them. As we gaze ahead to 2024, we envision a bigger role for innovative technology – and a greater understanding of how it can transform both security and business operations. Let’s pull out the security crystal ball for more insights.

More organizations will adopt mobile workplace access.

2024 will mark the beginning of an era for frictionless mobile workplace access. Our NFC Wallet Mobile Credentials solution has opened doors (quite literally) to easier, quicker, more secure access through Apple Wallet. And expanding technology now enables Android users to add their company badges or student IDs to Google Wallet. Think safer access to our corporate spaces, secure printing, logical access to the network, and even mobile-powered snack time at the office vending machine.

Generative AI will impact every industry.

We’re starting to unlock vast quantities of physical security data that have been hiding in plain sight – thanks to ChatGPT, which launched November 30, 2022. But it’s not without drama; on the heels of its first anniversary, OpenAI’s board ousted its CEO Sam Altman, only to reinstate him days later and give Microsoft a nonvoting board seat. The turmoil revealed many insights about this growing technology, the most important being the depth of this growing technology’s impact – and its potential for future influence. Expect generative AI technology to affect every industry in 2024, notably physical security. We’re already on our way there with our AI-powered Guardian SOC Insights and Security AI Chatbot solutions for physical access and security.

Organizations will use converged security data to amplify their ESG efforts.

In 2023, more companies began prioritizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues like sustainability, diversity, workplace culture and organizational transparency. As more organizations also shift toward a converged security posture, they are realizing this newly harvested data can strengthen their ESG efforts, according to Don Mahoney, SVP and Global General Manager of SAP’s Strategic Customer Program. He expects to see more companies use this data to optimize facility energy consumption, eliminate plastic waste and prevent incidents that could severely impact the environment.

Ringing in the New Year – securely.

As we navigate these security trends in 2024, ask yourself: is your company’s New Year’s resolution rooted in cyber-physical convergence? If not, we can help: reach out to learn how our holistic solutions help companies optimize their operations, secure their spaces and cultivate a seamless Total Workforce Experience.