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First in priority for take-off: Stronger airport identity management and credentialing

In the fast-paced world of aviation, airports are bustling hubs that require robust security systems to ensure the safety of passengers, staff and infrastructure. With the increasing complexity of airport operations and the ongoing threat of both internal and external security breaches, airports of all sizes are having to invest in reliable and efficient identity management and credentialing systems that help manage airport security, streamline operations and enhance overall safety.

The recent evolution of airport security

Over the years, airport security has undergone significant transformations to adapt to emerging threats. The traditional focus on perimeter security and security checkpoints has expanded to encompass a holistic approach that covers various aspects of the airport ecosystem and connects security systems to one another. From check-in to boarding, multiple stakeholders—including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), airport management and security personnel—work together to maintain a secure environment for travelers and employees alike. This is why we’re seeing more and more airports turn to security convergence when considering how to level up their security processes. In order to create more streamlined workflows, remove security gaps and simplify compliance, airports are finding it increasingly necessary to connect their systems across IT, OT and physical security.

The challenges faced by modern airports

Today’s busiest international airports (and the smaller ones, too) are inundated with challenges when it comes to security management. We’re talking long queues at security checkpoints, outdated security systems, manual processes for credentialing and badge issuance, and the need to comply with stringent regulations set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the TSA. Furthermore, the increasing cybersecurity threats require airports to fortify their digital infrastructure to safeguard sensitive data and prevent potential breaches. 

The importance of an airport identity management and credentialing solution

Airport identity management systems and credentialing solutions play a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by today’s airport badging offices. These solutions automate and streamline the entire identity lifecycle, from background checks and badge application to issuance and renewal. By integrating biometric technologies such as fingerprinting and facial recognition, these systems enhance the accuracy and efficiency of identity verification processes, ensuring only authorized personnel gain access to secure areas.

More than that, airport identity management solutions provide real-time notifications and updates, enabling security personnel to respond promptly to any security threats or breaches. This proactive approach helps maintain a secure environment and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. By centralizing the management of credentials and access control, airport operators can achieve greater visibility and control over their security systems.

Introducing AlertEnterprise’s Airport Guardian badging software:

AlertEnterprise’s Airport Guardian badging software is a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution designed specifically for airport security management and badging offices. This turnkey solution offers a wide range of modules and functionalities—from badge management to schedule management—empowering airports to address their unique security challenges effectively.

More importantly, it converges cyber-physical security systems so you can get well ahead of risk. With one view of complex threats, events and incidents across airport IT, OT and physical security systems, it brings your attention right where it needs to be.

Key features and benefits

Streamlined credentialing process

Airport Guardian automates the entire badging process, from application to vetting and issuance. By leveraging advanced algorithms and integrations with trusted agents and background check providers, the solution reduces the time and effort required for credentialing, ensuring faster processing times for new badges and renewals.

Better access control

With its integrated security system, Airport Guardian enables airports to manage and monitor access to secure areas in real-time. The solution supports biometric authentication, allowing for seamless and secure entry to restricted zones. By granting unescorted access only to authorized personnel, the solution minimizes the risk of security breaches. And it proactively monitors for suspended, lost and stolen badges to continuously prevent unauthorized access.

Advanced threat detection

Airport Guardian leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect potential security threats and anomalies. The solution can analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, enabling early detection and proactive response to security incidents. By providing real-time alerts and notifications, Airport Guardian empowers security personnel to take immediate action and mitigate risks effectively.

Compliance and reporting

With its robust reporting capabilities, Airport Guardian helps airports meet regulatory requirements set by ICAO and the TSA. Complete with Tenant Management, Incident Management, Asset Governance, built-in airport compliance, industry reporting, badge auditing, and process automation best practices, the solution generates comprehensive audit reports and provides an audit trail of all security-related activities, ensuring transparency and accountability.

In today’s complex airport ecosystem, effective identity management and credentialing are essential for maintaining a secure environment while ensuring smooth operations. By automating processes, enhancing access control, and leveraging advanced technologies, Airport Guardian enables airports to strengthen their security posture, mitigate risks, and provide a safe and seamless travel experience for passengers and employees alike. With the ever-evolving threat landscape, investing in a robust airport security solution is a proactive step toward safeguarding the future of aviation security.

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As Chief Strategy Officer, David leverages his extensive experience helping software businesses drive growth through deep and impactful partnerships with the world’s most successful SaaS providers like ServiceNow, Microsoft and SAP. 

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Mark has held numerous high-level cyber-centric positions, including Vice President and Chief Security Officer at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the Department of Homeland Security’s first Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity under the Obama administration, California’s first Chief Security Officer, and the first CISO for the state of Colorado.

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Prior to joining AlertEnterprise, she was the CFO and Co-Founder of Virsa Systems, a position she held until its acquisition by SAP.

Kaur is a philanthropist at heart, embracing the diversity of the San Francisco Bay area by assisting with and promoting special cultural events. She recently sponsored 2,000 public schools in rural India to advance computer literacy skills for children and is a foster mother to a 10 year old.

Jasvir Gill

Founder and CEO

Leading the charge of digital transformation and security convergence is Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise, Inc. An accomplished engineer by trade, Gill is driving the long-overdue digital transformation of the physical security industry.

Prior to launching AlertEnterprise, Gill was the founder and CEO of Virsa Systems, where he grew the company into a global leader of application security software. An early pioneer in establishing governance, risk and compliance as a software market segment, he drove exponential growth at Virsa, facilitating its acquisition by SAP in 2006.

In his free time, Jasvir helps drive social and economic empowerment in the community. He’s also a trustee at the American India Foundation.