Airport security software without all the baggage.

In an airport, vetting is crucial and wait times are long. Make your Identity Management and Credentialing System (IMCS) a runway to enhanced security and a more positive experience for employees and customers when you take a cyber-physical approach.

Benefits you’ll declare.

  • Manage the entire badge lifecycle process
  • Validate training & certifications before issuing badges and critical access
  • Role-based workflow & active policy enforcement
  • One view of complex threats, events and incidents across IT, OT & physical security
  • Built-in background check services including DACS, STA, CHRC & Rap Back
  • Monitor for suspended badge use to prevent unauthorized access
  • Eliminate false positives & validate alerts by incorporating non-cyber clues
  • Portal to manage requests
  • Lost & stolen badge detection
  • Automated decision support that prioritizes response based on risk & criticality
  • Automate real-time compliance
  • Streamline application processes
  • Reduce wait times
  • Deliver application status visibility to applicants & authorized signatories


Plug-in background checks

We deliver real-time and continuous criminal history record checks (CHRC) to help you reduce vulnerability and risk during the vetting process through our FBI Rap Back integration.

Fast deployments

We integrate with your existing systems for a speedy implementation.

I also want to ...

Prevent insider threats, gain insights and analytics related to access events and
risk scores, and manage vaccination data for employees.

Final call.

Next-gen identity access management without a systems overhaul?
Don’t get left behind.