What is Visitor Identity Management?

May 19, 2023

A crowd of people walking around a building.

For many organizations, their building entrances are revolving doors to employees, contract workers, visitors — and unfortunately, escalating threats and risks.

Enter Visitor Identity Management (VIM), a cyber-physical security solution that manages on-site visitors in a building, while providing leaders with a holistic view across an entire enterprise. But the visibility doesn’t stop at check-in (or pre-registration): a visitor management system automates the entire visitor lifecycle, monitoring visitor activity in real time through their interactions with staff members, security checkpoints and more. This improves the visitor experience while making it easier (and more cost-effective) for employees to do their jobs.

Want to create a smarter, safer experience for all — using systems already in place? Right this way.

Who Benefits From VIM? Short Answer: Most 

Many industries can incorporate Visitor Identity Management into their own systems, including education facilities, corporate offices, government buildings, retail stores and healthcare organizations. Our HL7-certified healthcare VIM software integrates with EPIC to transform digital and physical access for patients, employees, providers and visitors. VIM automates the vetting of visitors against internal and third-party watch lists and configures alerts and workflows based on visitor status — bringing safety, compliance and compassionate care together. See how a major children’s hospital enhanced the visitor experience for its 600,000 annual visitors in this recent healthcare case study

A visitor management system is also designed to scale with your organization. So, whether an organization has one office or 20, the platform enables different locations to access and share data about visitor activity without any issues. 

Go Kiosk-less at Check-in 

Alert Enterprise’s latest advancement in VIM software provides organizations with a mobile-enabled visitor management system that doesn’t take up more time — or space. With Kiosk-less Mobile Check-in, guests can check in quicker with a QR code and their mobile devices. This streamlines and scales the check-in process, opening doors to more valuable experiences for both visitors and organizations. 

Here’s how it works: visitors are verified in seconds upon check-in and are then automatically prompted to sign any necessary paperwork. A personalized badge is printed and hosts are immediately alerted of their arrival. Simple, quick — and no kiosk required. 

Want to see Kiosk-less Mobile Check-In in action? Get a personalized demo from one of our Alert Enterprise team members.

Don’t Just Implement: Integrate

We designed our Visitor Identity Management software to seamlessly integrate with other platforms and systems. Whether you want to automate your access control systems, convert volumes of physical security data into insights, or even get instant answers to your most pressing physical access questions, our platform makes it easy to provide comprehensive protection across your entire enterprise.

The best part? You can get started from right where you’re at. With over 200 connectors available, we fit into how you already do business. So, you can get up and running in weeks — no rip and replace required. Learn how you can automate and transform the visitor experience — while providing a welcome that’s both seamless and secure — with a VIM solution from Alert Enterprise. Click here to craft a visitor management solution in minutes with our online Solution Builder

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