Shift Happens: How AI and Mobile Access Control Are Redefining Security

March 21, 2023

A man wearing goggles, gloves, and a hard hat working.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become ultra-popular, ultra-fast with over 150 million users since its launch in late November 2022. The astonishing rise of ChatGPT has many crowning it the fastest-growing web platform ever. 

The technology is known as generative AI, and it responds to almost any prompt you give it with mind-blowing speed and clarity. Users have flocked to ChatGPT for its helpfulness with a wide range of tasks and ability to exponentially increase their productivity. Will this new AI era impact security? Short answer – yes.

Meet the Alert Enterprise Guardian AI Chatbot 

What if you could know exactly how many employees and contractors are at your remote workplace – just by asking the question out loud? Or extend a guest’s visit by speaking that request into existence? Or instantly find out which employee training and certifications are expiring for regulated areas by typing the question?

That’s the power of our new Guardian Chatbot, powered by ChatGPT.

Our AI Chatbot is developed with the world-renowned GPT-3 platform created by OpenAI, instantly delivering security operators the physical access and security insights that matter most through simple questions and prompts. In fact, it’s poised to drastically change the security operator’s experience, increasing their productivity by over 100 times with actionable insights for not only risk mitigation but real business value.

Staying Ahead of Risk with AI Automation 

As the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated, a new era of AI comes at a critical time to help deliver higher levels of automated risk and threat detection. Our new AI-powered Guardian SOC Insights module is specifically designed to provide actionable data insights and playbooks to SOC teams, enabling them to respond to security risks swiftly and accurately.

Digitally Transforming the Employee Badge 

The transition to mobile credentials has become increasingly popular as organizations seek to upgrade from traditional physical credentials to a more secure, convenient and environmentally sustainable solution.  Mobile credentials can help govern access to remote facilities, offering cloud provisioning of temporary badges if a physical badge was lost or forgotten. Our cloud-based mobile credential and access platform also helps boost productivity and drive down costs – while delivering best-in-class access control experiences.

New Kiosk-less Mobile Visitor Check-In 

Securing the visitor experience remains a key security gap and priority for many organizations. With Alert Enterprise’s new kiosk-less mobile visitor check-in, say goodbye to physical kiosks, sign-in sheets and manual data entry processes. Organizations can now streamline and scale the visitor check-in process using simply a QR code and their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for visitors to interact with physical kiosks, which saves time for both visitors and security personnel. With kiosk-less mobile visitor check-in, visitors can get on with their business quickly and efficiently – while remaining secure and compliant.

Together, Let’s Move at the Speed of AI

Big things await, and we can’t wait to chat with you about the latest in AI automation, mobile credentialing and visitor management. Reach out to one of our team members to discover just how easy it is to significantly improve your security posture and deliver business value.

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