Industrial Cyber-Physical Security for Food & Beverage

Converged Security Solutions for the Prevention of Insider Threat and Bioterrorism

Securing our most important critical resource—the food supply chain—means correlating threats across underlying HR, IT, Physical Security and Operational Technology used in production and processing. AlertEnterprise links to specialized plant applications like MES, plant historians and demand management from ERP that can deliver information directly to production. Monitoring insider and contractor access to modifying batch recipes detects when the addition of a preservative has been suppressed, causing a contaminated batch to be produced.

Integrating seamlessly with SAP applications, AlertEnterprise software further prevents Insider Threat by automating background checks and risk analysis during the on-boarding and off-boarding process for employees and contractors.

Delivering true security requires a holistic solution across the entire food value chain, from sourcing to production to retail distribution. In addition, companies need detailed recordkeeping of plant maintenance and safety measures, along with quality checks and transparency with all suppliers—whether in their backyard or overseas.

AlertEnterprise Solutions


  • Single solution to manage operational risk and security
  • Visual, easy-to-use interface allows security and risk managers to make business decisions
  • Automated policy enforcement for training and certification
  • Enhanced decision support and analytics mitigates threats in real-time
  • Reduced cost for compliance while actively enforcing policies with data that goes beyond baseline documentation
  • Pre-built connectors provide easy integration with ERP, HR, Physical Access Control Systems, Video Security and MES systems

Securing Workforce Identity and Access – An Insider Threat Use Case

A company we’ve named BigFood was dealing with a disgruntled production foreman “Tom.” Tom not only had physical access to the production floor, but was intimately familiar with the control system settings to configure recipes for the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

AlertEnterprise security software’s real-time link to SAP SuccessFactors HCM provided critical real-time data that identified Tom’s history of workplace issues. When Tom accessed the plant area after his normal shift hours, AlertEnterprise software detected that he was making unusual changes to the production settings to eliminate the addition of preservatives. An alert was immediately sent to Security Operations staff as well as the Plant Manager. Incident prevented, with huge savings from avoided downtime and protection from loss of reputation to the company brand.


  • Seamless integration with SAP SuccessFactors HCM to provide complete background checks for employees and contractors
  • Monitoring of unauthorized changes to SCADA for MES in production and processing
  • Complete situational awareness - Monitor operator actions and roles, functions and authorizations
  • Batch and production traceability including identity of shift personnel related to each batch or process

AlertEnterprise Delivers Next-Generation Security, Risk and Compliance for the Food and Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage industry must meet high quality standards and adhere to rapid production cycles to preserve nutrition value and freshness. Convergence and automation are the keys to achieving these goals. As OT and IT networks become interconnected, OT environments are more exposed to cyber-physical attacks, which can result in tainted products, downtime and revenue losses. AlertEnterprise delivers a unified security solution that secures enterprise IT applications and plant applications—delivering a continuous monitoring solution that prevents sabotage, acts of terrorism and other malicious incidents.



Advanced Threat Detection

  • AI-powered predictive analytics
  • Supply chain application integration to receive transportation alerts
  • Monitor warehouse access by employees and contractors to prevent material theft

End-to-End Threat Visibility

  • Analyze blended threats across IT Systems, Physical Access Controls and Industrial Controls
  • Rich-content situational awareness display – geospatial mapping to Google Maps, Virtual Earth
  • Incident Management and Response system including pre-packaged remedial action strategies

Operational Risk Management

  • Monitors production processes for sabotage and malicious incidents
  • Manages supply chain risks including changes to master data and transactions
  • Manages the movement of goods and risks from spoilage and arrival notification requirements by FDA

Operational Compliance Enforcement

  • Automate F&B related regulatory compliance: Public Health Safety and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (Bioterrorism Act 2002); Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA); HSPD 9 Defense of Agriculture and Food; and other FDA requirements
  • Enforcement of FDA Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) Standards
  • Yields streamlined conformance to ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards

Success Factors LMS Integration

Automated Policy Enforcement for Training and Certification

  • Training validations before issuing a badge or critical access
  • Background check validations before issuing a badge
  • Periodic access review for expiring training
  • Automatic reminders to end users and managers for expiring badges and training
  • Automated removal of critical access on expired training
  • Operational compliance enforcement
  • Reconciliation of workforce identity background check and training