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AlertEnterprise Technology is about powering the future with Technology and make enterprises
and the world a safer place. We are at the heart of shaping and driving technology disruption
and digital transformation for our clients running AlertEnterprise products. We set the direction
to serve all business verticals and industries. Our mission is to identify and incubate the next
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our customers for AlertEnterprise product implementations and guiding them to solve a complex
problem by tailoring Alert Solutions to their specific needs.
You will be leading the Technical design mappings and execution of the Technical design for
PIAM solution, designing integration with other interfaces and leading detailed (low level) design
with client’s solution architects for the use cases and flows covered in the functional design and
support of AlertEnterprise PIAM solution addressing identity and access management and
governance functions across various Physical Access Control systems in customer’s environments
while implementing Alert Guardian with the project team, ensuring system security. This role
also covers the configuration of the AlertEnterprise PIAM solution for the customer. This includes
solutions for provisioning, multi-factor authentication (MFA), functional design and
configurations for Single Sign-On (SSO) and integration with HR sources for onboarding and
offboarding and other lifecycle events.
Responsibilities: A professional at this position in the AlertEnterprise Guardian PIAM project has
the following responsibilities-

  • Create the technical design covering “To be” solution for the use case documented signed off by the customer.
  • Configure the PIAM solution to demonstrate the proposed “ToBe” business process solution to the clients. Support functional lead and project manager for the demonstration of the solution to facilitate design and obtain client signoffs.
  • Answer any technical question on the project and provide guidance on hardware sizing requirements, proposed system landscape architecture diagrams and lead discussions with clients technical teams to finalize the technical design, reviews and obtain signoffs.
  • Perform technical GAP analysis on the project requirement and explore alternative options for the design.
  • Create a low-level design covering mappings of PIAM fields with PACS, other systems which are in integration scope and configure the system as per approved mappings and design in Dev, Test and assist the client in production configurations.
  • Unit testing, Integration testing and supporting User acceptance testing by client’s business teams and perform configuration tweaks to solve issues and coordinate with the project manager, client and functional lead.
  • Perform cutover strategy and obtain signoff from Clients technical teams and lead the final production cutover.
  • Support all technical activities, validations, testing on the project and provide regular status updates to project manager.


  • Minimum of BS or BA Degree, MS preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years industry experience

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 5+ years of working experience in functional and/or technical design of
    technology applications or integrations using Java or any other language.
  • Minimum 5+ years of designing and configurations of Physical Access Control Systems –
    Johnson Controls, Lenel, CCure, P2000, AMAG or Honeywell (any 3) and integrations with
    Physical Identity Access Management solution is a must.
  • Setup and configuration of Physical Access control systems, replication, segmentation and
    PACS integration for monitoring alarms, provision, de-provisioning of temporary and
    general access versus elevated access to security areas.
  • PIAM software integration covering PACS enterprise application architecture covering
    employees, temporary staff, visitors, PIN management and integration of Video
    management systems covering camera or device integrations with PACS for monitoring,
    video analytics and management of visitors, vendors access
  • Configuration and end of end rollout of at least 2 PIAM implementations covering facility,
    site and campus level access and security best practices for various recommended PACS
    architecture in Airport or Corporate security or shared facilities across various locations
    covering central or distributed badging office functions
  • Expert level working knowledge of access levels, door groups, readers, access
    cards(badges) and Data Conduits for integrations with PIAM platforms.
  • Expert in PACS Segmentation, partitioning techniques and configurations of access level
    design for designing physical security parameters.
  • Working knowledge of PACS architecture and access control configurations covering door
    groups and badge templates.
  • Setup and Integration with Active Directory, understanding of Network Security, firewall
    and communication protocols to access various PACS services, readers, badges and
    exposure to data conduits for integration with PIAM platform.
  • Have Designed and configured badging office, badge auditing, physical access for tenant
    employees, lobbies in airports or shared high rise office spaces.
  • Exposure to work with Airport security processes and access management
  • Has a very good understanding of systems like Active Directory, Linux, HR platforms like
    Workday and PACS systems like Lenel, CCure, Johnson Controls, AMAG, and other popular
    physical access control systems.
  • Working knowledge of any other Identity management solution is a plus.
  • Configuration and understanding of Single Sign-On Solutions like Active directory,
    PingFederate, Oauth 2.0 is a must.
  • Deep understanding of RestAPI, Webservices & Certificate based security and SSL
    configurations hands-on.
  • Application/Web Server: Tomcat, WebLogic or any other web server is a must.
  • Languages: Java, SQL Queries, Scripting languages, Stored procedures is a plus.
  • Excellent communication, writing, and team mentorship experience.
  • Provide Identity Governance technical and project leadership on client accounts.

To apply for this job email your details to Prerna.Gupta@alertenterprise.com