Security Convergence for Utilities & Critical Infrastructures

[ 1 + 1 + 1 = 0 ]

The New Math for Information Technology, Operational Technology and Physical Security for Secure Workforce and Workplace Access Management

Utilities are extra-critical infrastructures with complex security requirements. New sophisticated threats that live in both cyber and physical domains stand poised and ready to attack—with potential, ongoing risk to IT, Operational Technology (OT), and Physical Security. Addressing these escalating threats requires a new formula and approach where 1 + 1 + 1 equals 0. With the objective of zero compliance violations and a new level of security, a converged solution is the best way to close the security gaps and deliver automated policy and compliance enforcement.

Alert Enterprise delivers enterprise-wide security, governance, compliance, policy enforcement, automation and workforce management to the Utility and Critical Infrastructure sectors in a single platform that makes physical and logical access and identity management a seamless part of business operations.


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Enterprise identity and access governance

Alert Enterprise software extends beyond IT to include security and operational risk management for power generation, transmission, distribution and the Smart Grid, delivering operational security across the entire Utility and
other Critical Infrastructure Enterprise.

Empower your business managers with a complete view of risks so they can make access and security-related decisions without excessive demands on IT. Our software integrates across enterprise applications, legacy systems, physical facilities and critical assets.

Real-time integration with leading HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, allows you to conduct upfront risk analysis for the entire population, streamlining and automating secure physical access provisioning.

Extend the capabilities of compliance applications like SAP GRC to include monitoring of NERC and NERC CIP controls, as well as State or Local Public Utility Commission Guidelines.

Take the guesswork out of approving access to applications based on specific roles within the organization. Manage physical access to facilities, substations, control rooms and power generation stations – from one place.

Monitor all your Operational systems (Energy Management Systems for Transmission Operations, Protective Relays in Substations or Generation Management) while providing granular OT access control permissions. With OT convergence, our software allows only those with a legitimate need to access critical assets.

With the objective of zero compliance violations and a new level of security, a converged solution is the best way to close the security gaps and deliver automated policy and compliance enforcement.

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Security Operations and threat prevention

Meet SCADA-related security and safety challenges head-on. Alert Enterprise software enables your security personnel to correlate staff entry into sensitive locations with work-order issuance as well as prior access patterns.

Combine the monitoring of badge access activity
via video surveillance with IT, HR and cybersecurity
related information in a single unified application.
Alert Enterprise software can leverage in-memory
fast computing capabilities of SAP® HANA™ to mine
information through millions of events, alerts and actions for split-second informed response.

Detect end-point cyber attacks as well as blended physical-logical threats against gateways, head-ends and control points, to ensure reliability and provide protection from malicious threat actors.

Proactively enforce provisions of 10 CFR 73.54 and 73.55 by automating the monitoring and assessments for Cyber Digital Assets (CDAs).

Gain a unified view of threats across the enterprise and deploy rules-based solutions to prevent malicious acts, sabotage, terrorism and cyber threats.

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Nerc CIP compliance

Enable security, risk and compliance management professionals within your organization to not only detect and identify violations, but to remediate them in real-time. Our software enables your security staff to remove physical access to systems and facilities with a single click and invoke mitigating controls like additional video surveillance or proximity tracking.

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