Alert Enterprise and Brivo Deliver Zero Trust Physical and Digital Security With New Integration

January 9, 2023

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Fremont, California, January 9, 2023 – Alert Enterprise, Inc., the leading cyber-physical security convergence software company, today announced a new integration with Brivo Systems LLC (“Brivo”), a leading provider of cloud-based access control and smart building technologies. The integration equips businesses across the world with a direct interface between Guardian cyber-physical security convergence and Brivo Access cloud-based enterprise platform to unify physical and cyber security in one monitoring pane.

With the new integration, the Guardian cyber-physical security convergence cloud platform connects Brivo Access with enterprise IT applications, HR and OT systems, and IT directory services like Active Directory and LDAP.

This facilitates a secure and unified identity profile for each employee, contractor, or visitor across all physical and digital systems. Organizations can then automate real-time controls and enforce Zero Trust workplace access policies across all facilities, sites and locations using their existing Brivo Access infrastructure, unlocking new levels of compliance, productivity, financial results, and trust.

“This new integration with Brivo Access checks every box for organizations looking for a validated recipe for security that’s based on zero trust principles, encompasses the physical and digital, hinges on identity and delivers a cloud-first experience,” said Alert Enterprise Senior Vice President of Product Management and Solution Engineering, Yogesh Ailawadi.

“The ability of Alert Enterprise to federate identities and associated privileges across IT applications and varied physical access control systems drives high value for enterprise users who are looking to migrate to the cloud in order to enjoy the huge benefits offered by Brivo Access,” said John Szczygiel, Executive Vice President and COO of Brivo.

Alert Enterprise SVP Global Services and Customer Success, Vikas Chauhan, notes that more customers are looking to move to cloud access control, “Our most innovative customers are looking for technologies that power their digital acceleration, which includes cyber-physical security convergence and moving physical access control to the cloud. This is an important area of focus for Alert Enterprise and integrating Guardian with Brivo Access will help us support our customer’s cloud journey.”

To learn more about Guardian, visit: https://alertenterprise.com/industry-solutions/workplace-access/.

About Alert Enterprise

At Alert Enterprise, cyber-physical identity and trust are at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to bring people, processes, data and technology together in a unique way to help organizations protect what matters most. We call it security convergence. And we develop game-changing security convergence solutions that deliver identity governance, access management, security intelligence and compliance validation across enterprise IT, HR, cyber and physical security environments.

About Brivo

Brivo, Inc., created the cloud-based access control and smart spaces technology category over 20 years ago and remains the global leader serving commercial real estate, multifamily residential, and large distributed enterprises. The company’s comprehensive product ecosystem and open API provide businesses with powerful digital tools to increase security automation, elevate employee and tenant experience, and improve the safety of all people and assets in the built environment. Brivo’s building access platform is now the digital foundation for the largest collection of customer facilities in the world, protecting over 300 million square feet of real estate across 42 countries.

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