What Is PIAM and Why Is It Necessary?

November 1, 2023
A young man and woman looking at data on a computer screen.

So, you’re wondering: What in the world is a PIAM? And more importantly, how does it affect my organization? A recently published whitepaper from PhySecPlus Global defines a PIAM — otherwise known as Physical Identity and Access Management — as an identity management system that connects and manages identity sources throughout their entire lifecycle. The white paper names six key duties of a PIAM: onboarding, off-boarding, requesting access, recertifying access, auditing and reporting. By merging the physical and logical systems, PIAMs enable more unified operations for reduced risks, lower costs, constant compliance and more efficient processes.

Sound familiar? Yup, they follow the same strategy as security convergence. By choosing a three-dimensional platform that unifies IT, OT and physical securities, organizations can digitally transform their entire workforce (and even move business, too).

For more insights, check out the entire PhySecPlus Global whitepaper, featuring contributions from our own Willem Ryan.

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