49% of organizations proactively invest in identity protection

June 23, 2023
A person typing on their computer with the security icon shown above.

The number of identities is increasing, which means more businesses are suffering from identity-related incidents, a recent article from Security Magazine says. Securing them has become a critical priority — in fact, research shows that 49% of organizations take a proactive approach to identity protection — but unfortunately, it still remains a challenge for most companies.

A top reason for failure? Managing cyber and physical identities in silos. Malicious actors will leverage both digital and physical identities to gain access to the corporate crown jewels. Only a converged cyber-physical security platform for identity and access management — like Alert Enterprise’s Guardian platform — helps organizations secure their total workforce identity population in the new era of digital transformation. And forget multiple vendors and complex technology environments: with over 250 connectors out of the box, we make integration a breeze. By automating and integrating the systems you already have in place, you’ll also save money and boost workforce productivity.

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