Security Megatrends: The 2024 Vision for the Security Industry

January 18, 2024
woman working in server room

Each year, the Security Industry Association (SIA) analyses the top ten trends affecting the security industry, leveraging insights from independent research, surveys, focus groups and top sessions at the SNG conference. The 2024 Security Megatrends report breaks down the top trends that will impact you and your organization this year.

Not surprisingly, AI rules the charts with four entire categories of its own. We also weren’t surprised to see security convergence as a top contender, a topic that’s been at the forefront of our efforts for years.

Yet other previously recognized Megatrends, like workforce development, cybersecurity, global tensions, supply chain assurance, changing economic conditions and sustainability are no longer viewed as future-looking megatrends, but instead as foundational trends—common concerns that all business leaders have to manage now and well into the future.

In addition to the rankings, the full 2024 Security Megatrends report provides data and statistics on topics such as autonomous devices, quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography, reduction of physical credentials and more data points that forecast where the industry is headed.

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