NCSC warns of enduring and significant threat to UK’s critical infrastructure

December 7, 2023
man working by energy facility

Aggressive cyber activity is rising, state-aligned groups are growing in prominence — and the UK’s cyber chief is warning the public about the dangers to the nation’s critical infrastructure. A recent article from The National Cyber Security Centre breaks down the challenges following its seventh Annual Review:

  • Over the last 12 months, more ideologically motivated state-aligned groups — which are often sympathetic to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — are threatening UK national assets.
  • Advancements in technology (like artificial intelligence) are widening capabilities for bad actors.
  • A new trend has emerged of attackers targeting high-profile political figures.
  • The strategic objectives of China-affiliated attackers continue to affect the US and UK.

So, how does the government protect its most critical sectors — like safe drinking water, electricity, internet and transportation networks — amid these rising dangers? A converged, end-to-end security solution that protects against both physical and cyberattacks.

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