Mobile Credential Governance

September 19, 2023
A woman in a purple sweater scanning her phone for access into a building.

The world of access control is undergoing a significant transformation, with mobile credentials, especially NFC wallets, becoming the new norm. This shift offers unmatched convenience, turning smartphones into secure all-in-one access keys. Behind the scenes, a end-to-end cloud platform ensures seamless user experiences and robust security, making it easier for security operators to manage access across various environments. The scalability of mobile credentials breaks free from physical constraints, enhancing flexibility and adaptability‚ÄĒmaking it a lasting change in access control.

In a recent article by Security Journal Americas, our very own Yogesh Ailawadi, Senior Vice President of Product and Solutions at Alert Enterprise, explores the rise of secure mobile credentials and explains the real reason the plastic cards of the past are fading away.

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