Iran hacks US water system: Observation and implications of a terrorist attack on US soil

December 19, 2023
man working in physical security

A recent hack of a Pennsylvania municipal water system’s programmable logic controller (PLC) by an Iranian-backed group is cause for alarm. The hack spotlights the vulnerabilities of cost-effective systems used in critical pieces of America’s infrastructure. And it shows hackers are deviating from ransomware attacks to hacking public utilities, a disturbing trend of cyber attacks with the potential to cause physical damage.

With the lines between cyber and physical attacks blurring, the necessity for converged cyber-physical solutions that bolster control systems of public utilities has come crystal clear. There’s a critical need for real-time information-sharing to detect, mitigate and prevent these complex attacks from occurring on American soil. Learn more in this article from Control Global, which discusses the immediate need for minimum control system cybersecurity best practices in American utilities.

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