Generative AI Technology

September 18, 2023
A woman sitting at a table while working on her laptop.

Generative AI technology, like OpenAI, is revolutionizing access control systems by leveraging existing physical security data and transforming it into powerful action. By ingesting and analyzing this data, AI-based security solutions provide real-time insights that enable organizations to proactively respond to security threats. These solutions empower security teams with automated workflows, risk scoring, and even AI chatbots for instant information retrieval, significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs.

And it’s happening all over the world. For example, a leading financial institution with over 200,000 employees successfully streamlined its operations, enabled quick threat response and drastically reduced false alarms after implementing an AI-based cyber-physical security solution. (But more on that in the article below!)

However, as the popularity of generative AI grows, concerns about data privacy and safety arise. To address these concerns, businesses should choose trustworthy technology partners with transparent data policies—those that implement rigorous privacy controls to protect customer data, ensuring that access control data remains secure and within the organization’s control. Click below to discover how specific AI-based security solutions are transforming access control systems, enhancing safety and safeguarding data—making them a valuable asset in today’s security landscape.

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