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Forbes Identity Security

October 2, 2023
A woman in a white shirt scanning her phone for access into a building.

Amid rapid cloud adoption and data-driven innovation, the need for robust identity security and access management is reaching new heights. With the increasing number of SaaS applications and the growing volume of sensitive data, organizations must find new ways to address access management challenges. To put it bluntly: Traditional manual approaches are no longer sufficient, and they often lead to security gaps and compliance issues.

Automation in access management, on the other hand, streamlines workflows, minimizes human errors, and enforces consistent security policies. By adhering to the principle of least privilege access and continuously monitoring access permissions, organizations can significantly reduce the potential impact of security incidents and maintain a strong security posture. To stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, organizations should prioritize access management, adopt best practices, and leverage automation technologies, ensuring the security and protection of their valuable data and assets.

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