Building True Security Convergence

August 11, 2023
A person logging into a computer using a thumbprint.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing today’s business landscape. But security is lagging due to increased levels of risk with one-dimensional legacy frameworks for governance, risk mitigation and compliance (GRC). Alert Enterprise is changing the GRC game with its approach to unify IT, OT and physical security into one converged solution. “The biggest trend in security is cyber-physical convergence, and we’re the only provider that unifies across cyber, physical and OT systems. This delivers a truly holistic approach and foundation for digital and physical zero-trust models,” explains Jasvir Gill, Founder & CEO, Alert Enterprise.

As the only SaaS provider to connect physical security, IT, OT and HR systems, Alert Enterprise helps businesses connect current investments in IT such as SAP Oracle, Workday and ServiceNow with more than 200 physical out-of-the-box connectors. Alert Enterprise’s Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solutions enable frictionless onboarding, offboarding and comprehensive workforce lifecycle management. This 360-degree roadmap delivers high-level security and promotes productivity, while keeping pace with the evolving landscape. 

Cyber-physical convergence has enabled Alert Enterprise partners across healthcare, finance, automotive, aviation and mining to automate at least 75% of all identity and access and boost productivity – all while save millions of dollars. Check out our spotlight on GRC Outlook to learn how Alert Enterprise can bring digital transformation to your organization’s security.

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