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Bosses Aren’t Just Tracking When You Show Up to the Office but How Long You Stay

October 11, 2023
A man in a blue suit scanning his phone for access into a building.

That daily swipe of your employee badge may do more than get you through company doors; it may be getting through to your boss. While plenty of organizations still employ a remote or hybrid work model, many companies are beginning to require mandatory full- or part-time attendance in the office. Tracking employee badges allows corporate leaders to monitor who’s adhering to company policy — and who’s swiping in and immediately leaving.

But keeping track of attendance isn’t the only data that companies can extract from employee badges. With Alert Enterprise’s identity and access management solutions, organizations can monitor occupancy levels in the office to determine space optimization. Do they need to look at downsizing or upgrading their office space based on regular employee attendance? A quick look at the Guardian dashboard would have the answer. Companies can also prevent contractor over-billing by using badge data to validate onsite contingent worker hours.

Read more about the valuable secrets employee badges are spilling in this recent article from The Wall Street Journal.

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