ASIS International

March 19, 2024
man working in global security

A groundbreaking collaboration between ASIS International, the Security Industry Association (SIA), and Omdia unveiled a comprehensive analysis shedding light on the global physical security industry. The report, titled “Complexities in the Global Security Market: 2024 Through 2026,” reveals astonishing figures on the size and impact of the physical security industry: Delving into nuanced aspects like emerging technologies, regional employment trends and market dynamics, the report showcases the macroeconomic significance of physical security—with 30 million employees worldwide and a market worth nearly $405 billion in 2023 alone!

Highlighting regional disparities and technological advancements, the report underscores the industry’s evolution and its pivotal role in shaping global economies and societal frameworks. From the burgeoning security equipment market to the transformative impact of technology on security services, the findings emphasize a paradigm shift towards preventative measures and integrated solutions. Researchers caution that trends such as sustainability and ESG objectives are likely to influence security technology decisions in the coming years and that solutions with a sustainability angle could see notable growth. As the industry navigates towards a future marked by sustainability and corporate alignment, the report guides stakeholders toward informed strategies and collaborative endeavors that transcend geographical boundaries. Access the complete report right here, right now.

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