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AI In Physical Security

March 19, 2024
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Russell Pheasey, Director of EMEA Physical Security at SAP, recently wrote an intriguing two-part series on the impact of AI in physical security. In his first post, he explores the exciting potential of AI in physical security applications, highlighting its ability to transform operations, minimize false alarms, provide cost efficiencies, force-multiply and even boost customer experience. More on that here » 

The second post dives into the recently approved EU AI Act that imposes strict regulations on the development and implementation of AI in the security industry—with potential fines as high as $38 million or 7% of annual global turnover for non-compliance. Security leaders must navigate this evolving landscape by ensuring responsible development and compliance with legislation. Transparency, mitigating data bias and adhering to strict compliance measures are crucial aspects for security leaders to consider, especially in high-risk applications such as critical infrastructure and biometrics. By prioritizing these factors, security leaders can leverage AI’s potential while staying compliant and addressing ethical concerns. Keep reading » 

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