The Future of Work

Security is no longer about keeping people safe. It is also about letting the right people in, providing a sense of belonging and fostering engagement. In this discussion you’ll hear from four industry experts on the current state of work, how it’s changed, the role security has with it, the overlap and convergence with HR, where we can work together and make the biggest difference and best practices to do something about it.

Narrated by Hilary Gallagher, Vice President of Group337, the panel includes:
Dr. Steve Hunt, Chief Expert Technology and Work, SAP
Rich Mason, President & CSO, Critical Infrastructure, LLC
Mark Weatherford, CISO, Alert Enterprise, CSO, National Cyber Security Center

The Future of Work – TRAILER

We are at an inflection point when it comes to when, where, what, and how we work. Group337, in collaboration with Alert Enterprise, brought together leaders from HR, Cybersecurity and Physical Security to build a story around their views on “what does the future of work look like?” Watch the 3 part video story weaved together through a narration of a roadmap to spark an important conversation within your company’s four virtual or physical walls.

The Future of Work – Episode 1: Todays New Normal

In today’s new normal, workers prefer the option of a hybrid, work-from-home model, even after offices reopen. McKinsey Global Institute’s Future of Work After COVID-19 report estimates that even after vaccines are fully rolled out and workplaces return to the new normal, 22% of U.S. jobs could be done remotely from three to five days a week.

While 17% of jobs could be done remotely one to three days a week without loss of productivity. Listen to Steve Hunt’s, Chief Expert, Technology & Work at SAP, take on these trends, and the opportunities today’s new normal brings for HR and Security. 

The Future of Work – Episode 2: Impact On Talent

Part two, The Impact on Talent.

What does this mean for security and HR? That they’re moving out of the basement and are features of a much larger value proposition. Even the best company cultures must adapt to the new realities, embrace employer branding and humanization of employees.

This brings us to part two, The Impact on Talent. How do we go about letting the right people in while also being secure? Our experts say culture plus talent is key.

The Future of Work – Episode 3: Best Practices Next Steps

Part three: Best Practices and Next Steps. How do we bring these systems together? What are the best practices and next steps? And how can we add value?

The opportunity to combine security and HR to shape the future of our workforce is now. This is about showing trust and transparency, embracing culture, and it’s about security and HR becoming more of a proactive management function versus a preventative one.

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