Security Conversations From The Boardroom: EP 1 – The HR/Security Relationship

The webinar on the relationship between HR and security.

What does security have to do with HR? There is a renewed focus on Human Experience Management (HXM), which aims to put people and their experiences at the center, making work not only easier but also more personalized for each employee. But before employees can experience a moment that means something, they must have access to it. Think about all the digital and physical areas that employees need access to from hiring to retirement. There is onboarding, tools and technologies, performance reviews, new roles with new responsibilities, and finally offboarding. Now think about all the guidelines you need to follow along the way. There are the safety protocols in place and new practices that have arisen due to COVID-19 such as temperature-based access to the workplace, contact tracing, the need for possible closures or disinfection of certain areas, etc. Suddenly you have an equation with a lot of unknowns. How can you execute security protocols in a way that doesn’t interrupt employees, but instead allows them to be more self-directed and productive?

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