Top-tier financial customer upgrades its identity and access governance.

A person inputting security information into a computer.

State’s second largest credit union banks on Alert Enterprise.

Here’s the balance sheet: a credit union with $9.5B in assets, 60 branches and 85,000 members is plagued by outdated identity and governance access. A much-needed upgrade from inefficient manual processes would save time, cut costs and reduce risk.

How we helped

The credit union was faced with 6,000 identities to secure and manage and a ticketing process of 20+ systems lacking the integrated visibility to access requests, history and other assets. We implemented a cyber-physical approach with Guardian to manage the entire badging lifecycle.

Solutions selected

Guardian delivered modern and automated Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) to streamline badging and access from onboarding to offboarding. Centralized management and self-service portals allowed for seamless implementation across all branches.

How they benefit

More than 6,000 identities were securely managed. And a ticketing process of more than 20 different systems was seamlessly integrated to deliver greater visibility into access requests, history and other identity assets.

Vault-like security for financial institutions

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