Top global IT services company selects Guardian by Alert Enterprise for worldwide deployment

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How do you create friction-free and automated workplace access and security for a $12 billion-dollar organization? Try Guardian.

Picture this: you’re a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting that serves clients in over 50 countries. And you need an advanced solution for workplace access and security that can scale to secure and support worldwide offices and 200,000+ employees and contractors.

Enter Guardian by Alert Enterprise, an SAP Endorsed App that delivers the next generation of onboarding and off-boarding solutions that empower organizations to automate, secure and proactively manage the total workforce experience – with compliance, safety and data privacy built-in.

Three reasons why Guardian was a winner for this $12 billion-dollar global organization...

No need for a costly – and time-consuming – rip and replace. With Guardian, HR, PhysicalAccess Control Systems (PACS), as well as IT provisioning, are integrated across all the organization’s global locations for total workforce safety and security.

Guardian provides a running migration path from the organization’s legacy systems to new corporate safety and security standards in a timely manner, without the risk of disruption or outage.
The organization has large-scale, worldwide operations, necessitating the need for a holistic solution that connects HR, IT and Physical Security. Guardian reduces costs but also greatly mitigates risks such as insider threats. In doing so, it transforms security from a cost center to a true business enabler.

Looking ahead.

With Guardian by Alert Enterprise, this organization has secured its entire hire-to-retire journey and continues to partner with Alert Enterprise to create a 360-degree security and total workforce management roadmap.

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