Tech leader partners with Alert Enterprise to eliminate silos and power digital transformation

A man using his phone to open the door and gain access to his place of work.

A multinational telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics corporation has been adapting to the needs of an ever-changing world for over 150 years. Since its inception in the mid 1800s, the company has found and nurtured success in a range of industrial sectors including cable, paper products, televisions and mobile phones. They are driving innovation and the future of technology to power this digital age and transform how people live, work and communicate.

While the tech giant has been successfully connecting customers through technology, internally, enterprise security had been operating in system silos. As part of its own digital transformation, the company looked to Alert Enterprise to converge employee identity and access governance across IT and physical systems throughout its facilities worldwide. This new converged security approach helped them increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and automate enterprise risk and compliance management. multiple channels, elevate the visitor experience, maintain audit data, and simplify badge processing for physical access. Alert Enterprise’s platform not only achieved these goals but also ensured proactive enforcement of vital security, safety and privacy policies beyond the pandemic era.


The corporation serves communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing. They are enabling the infrastructure for 5G and the Internet of Things to transform the human experience.


  • Enhance security operations across the company’s facilities worldwide
  • Converge employee access security across all enterprise systems
  • Utilize the application and its data to achieve operational efficiencies
  • Automate the manual badging and access processes
  • Automate all employee on-boarding, off-boarding and change processes
  • Unified identity view across all domains (domestic and global)


  • Enterprise Guardian Cloud on Microsoft Azure

A strong signal with converged security

With the Guardian cloud platform, this insurance leader is ushering in an enterprise-wide physical security digital transformation. By taking a cloud-first approach, the organization was able to get going quickly and improve its existing systems (while boosting value and ROI) through seamless integration. And company leaders never have to fret about any expansion woes because the Guardian hyperscale cloud platform always scales alongside its users.

Let’s look at the numbers: A centralized, automated system helped the organization secure 75,000 identities, 40,000+ badges, 18 badging offices and 26 visitor lobbies, each with an average of 200 daily visitors. The company went from 84 US-based locations on its corporate standard access control system to more than 185 locations in 34 countries.

AUTOMATED manual badging and access processes:

  • Provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Badge office operations
  • Badge audit of access for employees and contractors


REDUCED complexity and simplified operations

AUTOMATED default access (birthright access) rules and policies for onboarding scenarios.

AUTOMATED all employee on-boarding, off-boarding and change processes.

  • HR-driven
  • Access Requests


ELIMINATED duplicates, errors

IMPROVED security investigation

AUTOMATED audit and history trails

WEB-BASED badging operations

CODE-FREE workflows and ease of systems maintenance

CLOUD-BASED unified interface to centrally request and manage access for both domestic and global population.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud-Based solution, with rapid ROI and minimum burden on local IT resources


CONVERGED employee access security across all enterprise systems.

INTEGRATION with HR and additional sources storing Identity-related data.

  • Smooth and automated hire to retire process from a single platform
  • Data errors eliminated by integration and automation with HR system
  • Increased data consistency validation
  • Auto termination of card and access

ONE STOP SHOP to request access to job roles, applications and physical access.

100% VISIBILITY of access requests status, approvals, training, background checks, and built-in workflow SLA and escalations.

FASTER and more RELIABLE access request turnaround as IT/Physical Systems were integrated and automated at a much lower support cost.

RISK-based security controls

ELIMINATED access creeps

ELIMINATED orphan accounts